Jun 14, 2017

An Open Letter to London for her 7th Birthday

June 16, 2017

Dear London,

You have truly blossomed this year. Your thirst for knowledge continues and a love of reading has emerged. You’re taking part in the online summer reading program through school where if you get 10,000 points you get an ice cream treat when school begins and if you reach 15,000 you get an ice  cream sundae. You’re over half way to the 10,000 point goal and you’ve only been on summer break for a week and a half! This is definitely a passion I hope you hold on to. I only discovered the joys of reading later in life and still wish I spent more time getting lost in the pages.

Over the last year you have declared that you want to be an artist, a teacher and a scientist. It will be interesting to see which direction(s) you head later in life.

You don’t seem like a little kid anymore. You still love to play and watch Disney Junior shows with your sister, but you’re showing more maturity and understanding than before. You’ve always been a caring older sister, but it shows more now. Just the other day you put your feelings aside and allowed Sydney to wear a dress of yours when initially, you didn’t want to share.

The two of you are getting along very well. So well in fact that you two share a bedroom now. Your old room is the official playroom. This came about after Oroville Dam evacuations displaced Grammi from her home for a few day in February. You gave up your bed and room to Grammi during this time, enjoying the “Sleep overs” with Sydney. By the time Grammi went home, both of you were used to being in the same room. And you get the best of both dogs in this arrangement as now both Tulley & Gibson sleep with the two of you in one room. Gibson tends to sleep on your bed.

And lately Jake has been sneaking in at night to snuggle with you. He’s really warmed up to you over the last year. I think weekend mornings are his favorite when he can snuggle up on your lap during morning cartoons. But he’s been known to take naps throughout the day on your bed too. You love that he has chosen you.

Speaking of animals, our goats Sunny  Roxie recently gave birth to kids. Roxie has a baby boy, who we named Pierce, on June 2 – your last day of school and your birthday party day. Sunny had to one-up Roxie, apparently, as she went and had twin girls on your actual birthday! They’ve gone unnamed as we’re not sure whether they will be staying with us or be sold off.
On the last day of school you were more than happy to participate in the annual Frog Jump contest. Your dad and you stayed out late trying to catch a frog near the neighbor’s pond. You had no luck there, but you did manage to catch two toads on our property that evening. And while you didn’t win, you took very good care of your toad, ensuring he came home (and holding him in the car!) where you released him into the garden. You’re turning into quite the Farm girl. When we were planting the garden you loved collecting the worms I dug up and feeding them to the chickens.

You had a blast at your birthday party this year, even when you went back and forth on where you wanted to have it (even after I had booked it). It was at Chuck E Cheese on a Friday night. More of your friends from school were able to come since it was still technically during the school year. You all had a blast running around and having the freedom to do what you wanted. And you were all good at coming to the table to eat pizza and cake. Since it was your party, you got to go into the Ticket Blaster to catch as many tickets as you could. You pulled up your dress like one might to hold apples and just let the tickets fall right in! Thankfully, you had shorts on.

But because we had your birthday party a week before your actual birthday, you kind of forgot you still had your actual birthday coming up. When I picked you up last Friday and asked if you knew what “tomorrow” was, you had no clue. And then when I mentioned it was your birthday, you were fairly nonchalant about it. That changes when you discovered your Christmas Elf, Snowie, had come down from the North Pole for a visit. And Grandma was able to be here so you had a few more gifts to open. And your dad and I couldn’t resist getting you your favorite cake – Carrot Cake.

You continue with 4H this year, participating in the Baking project again and new this year, was the Pygmy Goats project. I got to be your baking leader which was fun. I think we will continue this group next year and you now have a keen interest in showing a Pygmy Goat next year at fair – if only we could find one for you! One of these days. You’ve taken your responsibilities around the house more seriously with less and less prompting from your dad or myself. At the same time, you are only 7 and your attention can get diverted easily.

This year you expressed interest in playing T-ball. This became a family affair with your dad and I coaching the team your sister and you were on. You loved Dad coach pitching to you at the end-of-season games and you made contact almost every time, even sending the ball into the outfield a few times. I look forward to getting to be just a spectator next year when you move up to Coach Pitch.

I’m sorry to say we don’t have much fun planned for the summer or any travel this year. We are looking at sending you to Tucson to see your grandparents for a week and I know Grammi plans to take you somewhere this summer as well – I believe you chose the ocean as a destination. But we are already planning a trip to Disneyland later next year! You’re officially a Disney fan, to say the least, and can’t wait to go there again and even more so, you can’t wait to go to Disney World. We’ll plan that trip as soon as Sydney is tall enough to go on all the rides! Last year when we went, you went on California Screamin’ 6 times. It is definitely your favorite ride. You were brave though and went on Tower of Terror with Sydney, since she was tall enough for the ride. Sydney loved it, but you decided it wasn’t for you. We’ll see if your mind changes now that it is Guardians of Galaxy themed.

I can’t wait to see the person you become over the next year!