Dec 7, 2016

A Ride on the Polar Express

The first Saturday of December our Elves surprised the girls with new Christmas pajamas. Why? So they could wear them on the Polar Express ride that the girls were also surprised with that day!

These Polar Express rides in Old Sacramento sell out every year. We purposely get a membership to the California Railroad Museum the years we have purchased tickets for this holiday activity just so we can get early access to ticket sales and get our date and time preference.

This year we opted for a "matinee" ride which departed the train depot at 3:30 - and that it did, exactly on time. I have to say it wasn't as magical as the fist time we rode the Polar Express, back in 2014, mainly because it wasn't dark outside. Being able to see I-5 traffic rushing by the side of the tracks takes a bit of the magic out of it.

On the other, we did get to see a Pirate ship floating up the Sacramento River on the other side of the tracks. It even sounded its cannon as it headed to a flotilla light parade on the river that apparently happens each Saturday night of the holiday season. Unfortunately. I can't find any info about this kind of event. This would definitely be something I think the girls and myself would enjoy.

It was just the four of us. The magic was not lost on the girls either. They had a great time and seemed to not notice the lost magic with it being daylight. They loved their bells, the cookies and hot cocoa.

We brought our own Polar Express books to follow along during the ride. The books have been in my car ever since, which has worked to my advantage. London keeps asking to listen to the CD that came with the books, reading along as she hears it over the speakers. And Sydney can't stop talking about how Santa gave us the bells. I'm glad this year's experience brought them so much joy days later.