Nov 5, 2016

A Ride on the Spookamotive & Trick-or-Treating

One last post about Halloween. As a treat, the weekend of Halloween, Lynde and I took the girls on the California Railroad Museum's "Spookamotive" Witches & Wizards train ride. We even sprung for First Class tickets to ride in the Mad Scientist's car. 

McKenzie wasn't too sure about it all, but with the rode only an hour long, she survived. Cookies and Apple Juice helped put her at ease too. 

London & Sydney had a blast and loved all that was going on and getting to wear their costumes an extra time. A lot of the entertainment was probably over their heads (imagine a lot of bad, pun-fueled jokes), but that didn't stop them from laughing with every one else. 

And they couldn't wait to get their picture with the Mad Scientist himself!

The girls really got into Trick-or-treating this year, and for the most part, followed the rules. Sydney had to sit one house out due to walking on people's lawns and London missed two houses because she kept trying to step into them to get to the candy first. We were out for about an hour before we'd hit pretty much every house we could in Matt & Lynde's neighborhood. By this point it was bed time any how and that was when the rain started to come down. 

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  1. oh wow.. looks like such a great time. my kids would have loved it!