Oct 22, 2016

Sydney's 4th Birthday Party

We had Sydney's 4th Birthday Party nine days before her actual birthday. Cameron is going to be gone hunting during the actual event and we wanted to make sure he was able to be part of some of the celebrations.  

This year I wanted to keep it simple. And when Sydney said she wanted a Bounce House, I knew exactly where the party would be: Bounce U. We knew if we tried to schedule one to be delivered to our house, it would end up raining. 

Plus, the girls have attended a couple of parties here. The parties seemed pretty easy on the parents and kids have a blast. And after seeing a great offer on their web site, I immediately picked up the phone and booked it.  

All I had to do was submit the number of guests, make cupcake choices and decide if any additions to the package needed to be made. Bounce U took care of everything else - including taking most of the pictures! 

The guest list was small, which worked out well. And since it was so low stress, all the adults in attendance also got to partake in the bouncing and sliding fun! Oh, and that prediction of rain? We were right, as the party landed on the second of four straight days of rain! I'm all for doing this again next year for both girls. 

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