Oct 21, 2016

Our Own Little Jack-o-Lantern

London's has been keeping the Tooth Fairy busy lately. She has now lost a total of 5 teeth and 3 of these were lost within weeks. The first one, bottom left when looking at her, was lost at the dentist. We knew it was loose but the second the dental hygienist touched it with the tooth polisher it popped right out. 

The next tooth, the bottom right one, was lost at friend Brayden's 5th birthday party a couple weeks later. London came in and asked me to see if it was ready. Next thing I knew I was pulling her tooth out. 

And number 5 (the missing top right tooth) came out the very next day. And made me the most proud. London came up to me while we were at The Stephens for a BBQ. She asked me to see if it was ready. I said it wasn't. London decided it was and spent the next 5 minutes working on it, pulling it out herself.  

My guess is number 6 is right around the corner. She's been working on the top left tooth for a couple of weeks now. 

All these lost teeth have resulted in our own little Jack-o-lantern, just in time for Halloween!

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