Oct 28, 2016

Hello Halloween!

It took us two weeks into the month of October (an 3 Halloween seasons) but we finally decorated for Halloween! This is the first time we have ever decorated this house for Halloween - I'd forgotten all the decorations that we had. 

We moved into this house at the end of September 2013 - we were so busy just settling in that October that decorating for Halloween just didn't make sense. And October 2014 and 2015 I decided to decorate for Fall since the we don't get trick-or-treaters.

But this year, with the girls older, it was time. They are thrilled that it is Halloween season. And the girls had a blast helping me out. London was quite impressed by our growing ghost, pumpkin head and Frankenstein. They were only about an inch tall when I had the girls fill the jars with water and plop them in. It wasn't until the next morning London discovered just how big they grew. I have a skeleton and vampire still in the packaging that we may need to get jars ready for next year. 

I'm sure I'll be getting rid of some of the items still sitting in the bins once I transfer these decorations for my Fall decor soon. It's beginning to look like the Holidays!

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