Oct 26, 2016

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

No Halloween season is complete without a trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch in Wheatland. 

The last few years we have tried to go on a weeknight, and that had been the plan this year too - but a forecast of rain for that Friday had us running to Bishop's on a Sunday afternoon. 

We didn't last long, given the girls were tired and it was HOT - hard to believe 4 days later we would have 4 days of rain and cooler temperatures. 

London picked out a large round pumpkin - she wants to carve Jack Skellington into it. Shes obsessed with him these days, even saying she wishes she could marry him!

Sydney selected a small white pumpkin. The girl is after my own heart. She wants to color on it, but I think we will head to a craft store and get the Potato head pieces for her to stick into it instead. 

London has a fake pumpkin in her room with this kind of set up, so we can transfer the pieces to a Faux pumpkin for Sydney's room for next year. 

My own personal pumpkin crop did miserably this year - we got the seeds started late, Cameron destroyed the ground I wanted to plant them in by using Roundup on the weeds and the area we ended up planting in has horrible crab grass and then the weevils moved in. The second these insects moved in they killed most of my plants immediately. And they are hard to kill. We're doing what we can to prepare the garden for next year. 

Since my crop didn't do so well, I got one green pumpkin and another large white pumpkin while we were at Bishop's. 

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