Sep 9, 2016

Sydney's visit to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique

Sydney was very excited by the time her visit to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique had arrived. She'd known about since before I was able to even schedule the appointment, as I wanted to know what Princess dress she would like before the Disney Store's Twice Upon a Sale happened (I think they are usually in January & June).

Sydney selected Sleeping Beauty and as soon as I got the email that the sale had started we secured her dress. It fit her perfectly and she could hardly wait to wear it - but she understood she couldn't wear it until Bibbity Bobbity.

The earliest day I could make the appointments for Sydney and McKenzie arrived on my last day while on my work trip in June and that morning was packed. Luckily, with the two hour time difference I was still able to call and get the first appointments of the morning! My theory with Bibbity Bobbity is to get the first appointment of the day to make the most of the experience - even if the hair do itself lasts 3+ days (Disney only guarantees it for 1 day. Sydney's unraveled by Friday, so she got about 4 days.)

We booked the girls for the Crown Package, which is one step up from the introductory package, so that they could get nail polish, face gems, makeup and a souvenir bag and sash. Sydney has tried to take London's souvenir bag ever since it came home 2 years ago so it's nice for her to have her own now!

We got to the park early, grabbing a little bite to eat on Main Street while waiting to be let in to Fantasyland. I have to say, I love the music that fills the air just as they let you into the rest of the park. It does a great job at building the excitement for the day ahead. Disney truly works on making the experience for all 5 senses.

Just as we were walking up to the check-in room for BBB within Fantasyland, Sleeping Beauty came walking toward us and gave Sydney a wave hello. Sydney had been dying to see Sleeping Beauty so this started the day off to a great start.

Sydney and McKenzie did a great job being good little Princesses as their Fairy Godmothers in training got to work. Sydney isn't the best when it comes to hair brushing these days (we have many mornings filled with tears) but she was stoic and brave, not wincing or crying once.

And then, if things couldn't be better, just as we were leaving the BBB, Sleeping Beauty came walking by again. This time Sydney walked right up to her and grabbed her hand, walking with her. McKenzie had no choice but to join in! We were able to walk with Princess Aurora for a little while and get her Autograph before she had to depart for a tea party.

We were able to jump on Pinocchio, a ride Sydney requested, before meeting up with everyone for the group picture in front of the Castle.

Given how hot it had been that week, I made sure to pack Sydney a change of clothes for later. And she was ready to change soon after our ride on Space Mountain. It was turning into the warmest day of our trip.

I'm so glad I bogarted London's new school backpack for the trip to cart things around each day. And by the time we left to go home that day, I had a new Disneyland backpack. It's actually a great backpack too, as it has waterproof lining and several pockets. It now houses our Pin Lanyards, Autograph books, Disney Bingo game and the Hidden Mickey book in preparation for our next trip (likely Fall of 2018). 

After this trip, we also became even bigger fans of the Pin trading Lanyards. We've gotten the girls each one at their first visits to the Parks, but this time Cameron got one of his own. He liked that he didn't need to carry a wallet around at all after this purchase. Room keys, fast passes, and park tickets along with a credit card went into the lanyard's waterproof and zippered pouch. Once the girls are old enough to wear their own, I'll get one for myself. 

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