Sep 5, 2016

Pirate Dinner Theatre

The fun didn't end at the La Brea Tar Pits that Saturday we left for our big Disneyland trip. 

But first a little side story...My parents took me to Disneyland a couple of times as a little girl. i think I was 5 years old the last time. I remember the hotel we stayed at those few times had a robot along with blue carpet. But I had no clue where it was in relation to the resort or it's name. I'd never asked and we'd always taken a hotel shuttle to the entrance of Disneyland. As we are pulling up to the parking garage of The Hilton, literally a block (ok, a long block, but only one street has to be crossed) from Disneyland, I had a major Deja vu moment. I knew this place. I recognized the windows. 

Sure enough, my dad confirmed that The Hilton is the same hotel we stayed at when I was little. There was no sign of the Robot inside, nor the blue carpet I remember. Then again, this was 30 years ago. But I had a nice chuckle about it all. 

Any how, after getting to The Hilton and checking in, Vicki, the girls and I headed for CVS to grab some waters and let Cameron get a nap in. Trying to give him a little more time, we also walked to Downtown Disney, where I picked up a couple of Autograph books for the girls, and picked up four new coffee mugs - the size and shape are our absolute favorites and we've worn some of our old ones out. Plus, the last time we visited, we could barely find them! I was relieved to see a large stock and a nice selection of characters to choose from. 

That night we had reservations to take in Pirate's Dinner Adventure. It was a quick little drive from the hotel. If you've ever been to or heard of the Knights of the Roundtable in Las Vegas or Medieval Knights, Pirates Dinner Adventure is very similar, just with Pirates. 

Cameron and I have been the The Knights of the Roundtable in Vegas. The food there was fantastic, considering it is a massed produced meal while the entertainment was well, entertaining. At Pirates Dinner Adventure, the food definitely could be improved. It honestly was pretty bad. But the entertainment did make up for it - it was fantastic. And they bring in audience members throughout parts of the show. There were people doing acrobatics on silks, great trampoline stunts and one that involved two guys on a circling ladder. Add in comedic relief from the purple pirate, sword fighting and pirate games (our pirate, pirate Jack, in red, won!), and we had a blast. The girls loved it just as much. 

Did I mention the Dragon?

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  1. looks like great fun.
    we went to a similar dinner and show type venue over the weekend.. Medieval Times.. the kids had a great time.