Sep 3, 2016

La Brea Tar Pits

When it came to our big Disneyland trip this year, we knew we would be driving. It's worth the six-hour drive when compared to the cost to fly, not to mention that the time difference is minimal. 

Since we knew we would be driving down on a Saturday morning, we decided to leave extra early and make a stop at the La Brea Tar Pits. Cameron has been interested in going here for ages and I was intrigued. 

We packed up and left by 4 AM that morning. Of course, the girls didn't sleep a wink the whole way. Thank goodness for the DVD player in our Suburban. It was a life saver. The girls watched several movies and we only stopped twice to go potty and once to get gas (which was combined with one of the potty breaks). Cameron drove the whole way while Vicki and I traded off for the co-pilot position. It had been such a busy week for me leading up to the trip that she took the first shift so I could continue to catch some ZZZs in the back seat. 

We arrived at the La Brea Tar Pits just after it opened, we had made such good time. We were able to take in most of the actual museum within the first 45 minutes. Then we lined up for a 15-20 minute presentation/encounter called Ice Age Encounters. It's an additional fee on top of the museum entrance fee, but it does a great job explaining how the bones came to be in the "Tar Pits" (it's actually asphalt!) and current excavation projects. Plus, for the kids, there is a live-action Saber-tooth Tiger visit. 

Afterward, we spent a little time in the Gift Shop, where the girls each got to fill a small bag up full of polished rocks/gemstones. London has started a "rock" collection at home made up of rocks she finds on the playground at school or while waiting for the bus in the morning. We've decided to show her there are different options and have even shown her Cameron's collection. 

We wandered the grounds for a little bit more, taking in some of he excavation sites where there were people at work, before we headed to our hotel in Anaheim. 

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