Sep 12, 2016

Disney's Photopass & Funny Faces

Ok - this is the second to last post on Disneyland. This one is more tip-focused and the next one is just plain FUN!

Any how, I discovered Disney's Photopass services and package deals during our last visit. First, I love that Disney has photographers staged throughout the parks in iconic locations to grab full family photos for you and certain character meet & greets get Photopass photographers as well. And they take some great shots with some magic weaved in too. But I've discovered with the purchase of certain packages that you can also get event and attraction shots included in a download with all your other pictures for one price. 

Last visit, we had to order this a month in advance and then we received a special photopass card on a lanyard. You could still add on additional cards collected throughout the parks during your visit. 

This time around, I didn't need to purchase in advance (though I did, once the package I preferred came along). But we didn't need to get a special card - we could get any card from any photographer. So I got one, Cameron got one and Vicki got one to carry around. I could also access my Photopass from the Disneyland App on my phone - as well as view loaded images, even share them from my phone immediately. And we still could load event and attraction photos - all we had to do was enter in the photo's ID. Cameron and I would take pictures of these IDs and then load the ID number into my phone while waiting in line or sitting down to eat later. 

My package covered 7 consecutive days of photos. I simply had to select my start date when ready to download and all photos were covered in the download. Yes, we were only there for 3 days, but it was a better deal to buy the 7-day package instead of the 1-day package (it made sense to get the 7 days for any visit longer than 1 day when factored in cost per day). This package also only became available within a week or two before our trip - the 1-day pass had been the only package available all summer. 

We love being able to get the attraction shots - each year we select a funny face pose to do in each one when we can and this year we brought the girls in on the fun. We can remember what trip it is based on the pose! And the girls loved it - they wanted to make funny faces in almost ever photo - which is why you may notice this in many of our pictures. 

Any how, here are some of my favorite photos from our Photopass. We ended up getting over 162 images this trip!

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  1. amazing pictures..
    your little princesses are too cute!