Sep 15, 2016

A Fun Disneyland Scavenger Hunt

If you haven't figured it out yet, Cameron and I are kind of nuts for Disneyland, and Disney in general. You could call us Disnerds. And the best part is, our friends are very much the same. 

One day while sitting and watching the girls' swim lessons, I got bored. Sorry, I can only watch swim lessons so many hours before I need a little more entertainment. This was during the time I was planning out the Disneyland 30-day countdown, so I turned to Pinterest. When I searched for something like Disneyland or Disney, I noticed several Pins that had facts about Disneyland - some of which were not only interesting and intriguing but not known to me yet. After spewing some of the gems to Cameron, he suggested we create a Scavenger Hunt for our trip. And when I suggested it to our friends that were also going on the trip, they were all in (though they have yet to submit their pictures for it!). 

I provided the Scavenger Hunt questions to everyone in advance and you could research the answers before you left - but the deal was that you had to take photographic evidence of it once you were at Disneyland. 

Here is my scavenger hunt and the photographic evidence of what we could find. We couldn't find it all and we tried. All answers are in Disneyland - there is no crossover with California Adventure except for the Hidden Mickeys. This also added to some of the best pictures of our trip too! And next trip, I plan to complete it! 

Entire Park

1. Find 5 Hidden Mickeys

Look closely at the Red dot

2. Take a picture of each “Mountain” in Disneyland

3. Find a Partyline phone. What year is the conversation taking place in?

Main Street, USA
4. Find the bench Walt Disney was sitting on when he dreamed up Disneyland 

5. Where does a light always shine?

6. Find the Red & White light bulb

7. Steve Martin used to work here. 

8. Find the “Sample” wall

Adventureland (This land has the most interesting tidbits out there - I had to pare down the list I had created in the end)

9. What happens when you pull the rope?

10. Who are the two characters not from Tarzan in Tarzan’s treehouse

11. Touch the Pole. What happens? (Child-friendly photos only!)

12. Find a Hidden Eeyore Sign

13. What airport services The Temple of the Forbidden Eye
14. Find the Little Man of Disneyland’s Front Door

New Orleans Square
15. Visit the Pet Cemetery at The Haunted Mansion

16. Find the number 33

17. The Belle that connects Frontierland, Adventureland and New Orleans Square

18. Where can you always dine under the stars?

Critter Country
19. How many animals hold the Critter Country sign?

20. Find  the letter on the Splash Mountain sign with a paw print

21. Take a hidden path and snap a shot in front of Splash Mountain

22. Find Max, Buff and Melvin

23. Find the Oldest thing in the park

24. What prints do you see on the ground

25. Find the one doll in “It’s a Small World” that isn’t smiling
26. What happens when you touch the Brass Apple?

27. Find  a gold spike in the ground

28. What is the phrase around the compass?


29. Find Donald in Mickey’s House

30. What do you hear in the Dog Pound?

Tomorrowland (This was the toughest land to find questions for!)

31. What is the only ride in Tomorrowland that was there on Opening Day?

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  1. wow.. that is crazy.. I could barely see the hidden Mickey in most of the pictures.
    that is a very cool scavenger hunt..