Aug 26, 2016

Summer is over!

What's that line in the Christmas song, It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas? The one that says "Mom & Dad can hardly wait for school to start again"? The perfectly matches how Cameron and I felt by the end of London's summer break. 

It was packed full with business trips, birthdays and swim lessons. 

The good news is London progressed greatly in her swimming abilities this year, moving up two classes. One session she practically had private lessons - it was her and one other kid with two teachers. She was able to skip the next group because of that session. She's now in the big pool in 7-12 feet deep water. 

Sydney progressed up one level, which is what we expected. We actually held her back in the lower class she began with at the start of summer an extra session, so had we not done so, she may have gone up two classes as well. But, I'm happy with where she is at - next year we hope she has a better attention span for lessons. 

London is thrilled to be back at school with all her friends. And Sydney has made a move too. We've taken her out of the daycare we have had her in since she was a year old and moved her to an in-home daycare closer to home. The main reason for this is because we were paying for preschool instruction but she wasn't getting any. When London had been in this class she learned a ton - she knew almost the full alphabet, could count 1-20, knew the days of the week and some of the months of the year. Sydney can almost count 1-20, but she still has issues with the days of the week, doesn't know any months and only started learning the alphabet when we started to work with her. The teacher London had had left at the beginning of last school year and Sydney has had 5 or 6 teachers throughout this time. She can't even use scissors well. 

We have a lot of work ahead of us to get her prepared for TK next year. At least we'll be saving money both in daycare costs and gas. The new daycare is on the way to dropping London off at the bus stop each morning and on the way home after I pick London up in the afternoon. So far, Sydney is doing as good as can be expected with the new daycare. Change is hard and she only has memories of the old one. But she loves that she can wear flip flops and bring her green blanky and stuffed Tulley dog if she wants. I'm trying not to let her know she can wear her PJs if she wants as I do want her in the habit of getting up and ready for the day in anticipation of next year. 

Now that school is back in session, Cameron and I are trying to get back into a gym routine - it was very hard over the summer as we didn't get back from swim lessons until 6 each night and by then it was a rush to eat and get the girls into bed. 

We did end the summer on a high note though - we snuck in a trip to Disneyland! More to come on that soon.