Jul 13, 2016

Introducing Roxie & Sunny!

Our "kids" are finally living with us on the homestead. We were supposed to bring Roxie & Sunny home at the beginning of May but Cameron gave himself a concussion putting in the first post of the fence he needed to install on the goat pen! The two weeks required of his recovery, as prescribed by the Urgent Care doctor I made him see brought us right up to our pick up date and the busy month of May. Our crazy June delayed their arrival even more, but we were able to pick them up the last Sunday of June. 

We've been enjoying getting to know them ever since. It's quite funny when I'm walking around the property and I get "maa'd" at. The girls have been fun additions to the farm. I get to watch them climb this tree almost every morning when getting ready for work as our bathroom window looks out onto the goat pen. 

The goats don't seem to mind the dogs at all and even seem curious about Sophie, though Sophie isn't as curious about them. The first real encounter - with a fence between them - Sophie hunched up and hissed a little. She's not really a social butterfly in general though. 

Roxie & Sunny have made quick work on stamping down and eating the tall, dry weeds in their pen and even the low leaves of the tree. 

And Cameron has recovered just fine from his concussion. He is also the proud new owner of a Cat Yellow Hard Hat and we have a new rule that he is not allowed to go out without his phone. 

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