Jul 13, 2016

Introducing Roxie & Sunny!

Our "kids" are finally living with us on the homestead. We were supposed to bring Roxie & Sunny home at the beginning of May but Cameron gave himself a concussion putting in the first post of the fence he needed to install on the goat pen! The two weeks required of his recovery, as prescribed by the Urgent Care doctor I made him see brought us right up to our pick up date and the busy month of May. Our crazy June delayed their arrival even more, but we were able to pick them up the last Sunday of June. 

We've been enjoying getting to know them ever since. It's quite funny when I'm walking around the property and I get "maa'd" at. The girls have been fun additions to the farm. I get to watch them climb this tree almost every morning when getting ready for work as our bathroom window looks out onto the goat pen. 

The goats don't seem to mind the dogs at all and even seem curious about Sophie, though Sophie isn't as curious about them. The first real encounter - with a fence between them - Sophie hunched up and hissed a little. She's not really a social butterfly in general though. 

Roxie & Sunny have made quick work on stamping down and eating the tall, dry weeds in their pen and even the low leaves of the tree. 

And Cameron has recovered just fine from his concussion. He is also the proud new owner of a Cat Yellow Hard Hat and we have a new rule that he is not allowed to go out without his phone. 

Jul 6, 2016

London's 6th Birthday Party & June Recap

We held London's 6th birthday party on Saturday June 11. Because she wanted to invite over 30 kids to the party, we knew we had to come up with something to do at home. And in our area, June is usually pretty warm. But the thought of having 30 kids running around inside due to the heat made me anxious. Luckily, London loved the idea of getting a giant water slide so we could have the party outside. We also made it last only 2 hours officially. And luckily, only 10 kids said they could come!

London with her best friend from Pleasant Grove School - Sammy. We were sad to learn Sammy will not be returned to PG for 1st grade but understand what a hassle the last year has been on his dad to get him there and back after a move. 
I love watching these 3 grow up together. Maizy and Paige are daughters of some of our good friends so it's nice to see the friendships continue with the next generation. 

After some research, we decided we would buy the actual slide instead of just rent one for a couple of hours. Money well spent. We've even rented it out to an acquaintance for her son's birthday party. The slide has been a hit at both parties from kids and adults alike. We'll definitely be breaking this puppy out at least 1 more time before the summer is over (I hope). 

At the end of the day, Sydney decided she liked swimming in the splash zone.
I swear I have no clue where the month of June went. Ok, maybe I do. It started with me heading to Santa Rosa for the 3-day Country Summer concert series with a couple of girlfriends while Cameron flew out to Chicago for work the entire week. During that week, the girls and I were busy prepping for the party. 

Day 1 we won seat in the back of a Chevy truck near the stage - we may even had a visit from Chase Bryant ; )

Day 2 we were in Pit as planned and we got this close to Chase Rice!

Day 3 in the pit again - the heat was definitely getting to us by this point. 
Cameron got home late that Thursday night, with the next day being London's actual birthday. The day after the party, I headed out early that morning to Peoria, Illinois for a work training. Getting there was quite an adventure that involved being stuck in Dallas for 36 hours, 3 canceled flights and many delays. I got to the training a day late and almost just turned around and went home. But the training was worth it once I was there. The flights home weren't as adventurous but did include a missed connection and a delayed re-booked flight so instead of getting home around 8 PM on Friday, I got home at 2 AM Saturday. I lost that Saturday to exhaustion! And the next week was lost to the first week of Swim lessons and me getting sick. 

I enjoyed taking in the sites on my walks to and from my training. 

The last day I made it over to the Cat Visitor's Center for a tour. We don't get to see Mining Trucks often in our territory so this was quite the site for me. 
We capped that week off with my parents coming into town and celebrating my dad's 70th birthday with many old family friends and feasting on a lot from my garden. And that brought us to the last week of June. See - it flew! Of course, the heat struck hard this last week and included swim lessons so by the time we got home, it was a mad dash to bathe the girls, feed them and get them to bed. And the heat zapped all ambition and energy so most nights were spent splayed out on the couch just trying not to fall asleep too early. 

My dad with his girls

I'm hoping July doesn't pass by us so quickly. And I hope the heat backs down a little. 

Jul 1, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

I definitely have items to get caught up on for the month of June (it was a busy crazy month!) but for now I just want to wish you a happy and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. We're headed to a baseball game tomorrow night, have a BBQ to attend Sunday and what's the 4th without Fireworks. 

While I am working today, I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours to watch the girls' annual 4th of July parade at daycare. This is the 3rd year in a row Cameron and I have been able to make it over and watch. Sydney was excited all week for it, too. She can't wait for Fireworks later this weekend. And you could tell both girls were thrilled to have us in the crowd. I know we don't make it to a lot of the fun they have at their schools but at least we have made this one a tradition. 

Here are a few pictures from the parade. Enjoy!