Jun 10, 2016

An Open Letter to London on Her 6th Birthday

Dear London,

This has been quite a year. After the expected adjustment period at your new school, you have settled in well. You even made so many new friends this year that we invited over 30 kids to your birthday party tomorrow. You have a thirst for knowledge and have soaked up so much in Kindergarten. I'm often amazed at just how much you remember and retain at such a young age. You can read quite well now and are not only good with sight words but good with sounding out words you don't know. You also can not wait to start 1st grade, declaring so after I picked you up from Grammi's after the first weekend school had let out for summer. 

You've also recently shown a keen interest in cooking and I am trying to let you in the kitchen with me as much as possible. This happens more on weekends when we're not trying to get a meal on the table as fast as possible because everyone is hungry. You love watching cooking shows. You started out watching my recordings of Pioneer Woman and we now record Chopped Junior too. I hope this interest continues and develops into you trying new foods - you still retain a picky pallet. 

This year you joined your first organized club - 4H. You participated in two project groups - Baking & Wildlife and enjoyed both. I also learned by watching you that you are not afraid to ask questions in big groups. Your last meeting for the year was Wednesday. At it, the District 4H representatives came and presented on bullying which included a video. After the video they asked several questions. You weren't afraid to answer, raising your hand and waiting to be called on. You were one of about three kids answering in a group of about 30, spanning a range of Kindergarten through 8th grade. That is one thing I love about our new school - you have friends in almost every grade. 

The school has also sparked a small interest of yours in Basketball and Cheerleading. Once summer swim lessons conclude, your dad and I plan to evaluate venues for gymnastics. And we'll definitely look at getting you signed up for youth basketball - that is in your blood. 

We'll be ending the summer with a trip to Disneyland. You're quite excited about it as you know you are now tall enough for California Screamin' and you have an interest in trying Space Mountain and Tower of Terror again - now that you're not afraid of the dark. 

You have a strong love for your animals - each and every one of them. You graciously take turns with Sydney as to who gets what dog each night, though lately you seem partial to Gibson. I think this is because Sydney tends to reject Gibson for Tulley. Even Kelsey Lou has warmed up to you and allows you to pet her when you approach her the proper way. 

The bond between you & Sydney continues to grow. Of course, you two bicker and argue and know how to push each others buttons to the best of your abilities, but you also look out for her and continue to let her get her way much of the time. You're often considerate of her feelings and when the two of you are getting along well, it makes for a wonderful scene for your dad and me to see. 

I love that you love your Christmas Elf, Snowie, so much that you write notes to him throughout the year. You were quite surprised to see that Santa had allowed him to come down and surprise you with a visit this morning. I'm glad you appreciate the magic of the Christmas season as much as I do, and don't focus just on your list of wants. All you wanted for your birthday this year was a pink tent and a Doc McStuffin's vet kit. We'll see if these wishes come true today and tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is your birthday party. We purchased a giant, inflatable waterslide. I'll admit I'm happy only about 10-15 kids will actually be able to attend the party too. That way there won't be such a line for the slide and we got a two-slide Slip and Slide to add to the water play. I'm also looking forward to meeting more of your friends at school. 

And oh how I wonder what this next year will bring. Keep it up baby girl - every day is a joy. 


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