Apr 6, 2016

London's 1st 4-H Presentation

The weekend before Easter included a 4-H Baking Club meeting for London, and by default me (don't get me wrong, I love it. I attend the baking meetings and Cameron goes with her to the Wildlife meetings). 

At this meeting, London needed to give a oral presentation on any subject she wanted. Oral presentations are part of the "curriculum" of 4-H, mainly designed to help kids learn to speak in front of large groups of people. Because London is at the primary level, she could have either done this presentation in front of a couple of the 4-H leaders, a small club group or in front of the entire 4-H Club organization at one of the general meetings. After watching a few presentations at the general meetings, I asked London if she wanted to do her presentation there or at a Baking club meeting. Of course, London opted for the smaller group. 

I didn't give London the option of doing it in front of just club leaders, as I do want her to learn to be comfortable speaking in front of large groups. I still have a hard time with presenting. The last time I had to do one, I could feel my whole face go red and I almost fainted (tunnel vision started to set in, but luckily it was a short presentation.) 

And it worked out well, as at this meeting the kids were making cupcakes so there would be some downtime where the presentation would be good filler. 

Cameron and I both helped steer London in her presentation topic since she originally said she wanted to do it on the color pink. We bribed her into covering Baking Basics, by telling her she would get to make a blueberry coffee cake two times - what can I say the kid loves to bake. 

The first time was the weekend before the meeting. London loved not only getting to bake but also getting to use the camera for the first time to take pictures for her presentation board. While we went through the steps, I quizzed London on different things that need to be done while baking, from washing hands before getting started to having adult supervision when using the oven. I then wrote these basic guidelines down into a presentation dialog, trying to use words I knew London knew or could sound out. 

A few revisions were made before I wrote the presentation onto index cards. The night before the presentation, London made the coffee cake again, and cut out and glued the pictures for the board. She even copied over my writing for the title on the board. The cutest part was London kept wanting to practice reading her presentation out load, which really helped her. Such a good habit to get into. 

When it came time for the actual presentation, London got nervous. Luckily, you only get support  and encouragement in 4-H. Everyone encouraged her to do what ever made her comfortable - to the point that they would have let her read the cards from behind a chair. But London was able to read her presentation while sitting on a chair. 

My goals for London in this presentation were to read her cards and do it in front of the group. She exceeded those expectations and I was so proud of her for doing it. Everyone loved the coffee cake too. Plus, it was a nice Thank you we could leave behind at the Firehouse, since the local firemen loaned us the use of their kitchen for the meeting. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get too many pictures or video of the presentation as London quickly wanted me sitting near to help during the presentation. 

This was one of the cupcakes London made at the meeting - she named them "Rainbow Amazing" with the help of one of the older girls

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