Feb 23, 2016

A Trip to the Snow

Akk, I'm so behind again and not for a very good reason. For this post I simply needed to remember to ask Cameron for the pictures as they were all on his phone!

Any how, the day after the chicken massacre, we had planned to take the girls to the snow. With the drought here in California, trips to the snow have been rare. We're finally getting some good rain and snow this year and London had been begging to go and play in the snow. With the holidays behind us, the first weekend of January seemed like the perfect time to go. 

We piled up into our truck and drove the two hours East toward Tahoe. We stopped a few times in hopes of getting a sled, but apparently all roads that lead to the snow had been depleted of their sled inventories. Apparently, we weren't the only ones taking advantage of the wet and snowy weather. 

Before going, we'd looked up snow parks online. All of them were charging an arm and a leg for a family of 4 or 5 to go and some of them wouldn't even let you use your own sled. We knew the girls wouldn't last long enough to warrant such pricing, so we did the next best thing - we stopped at a rest stop just past the first ski resort and two snow parks. 

And I'm glad we did. The snow parks were beyond crowded and you could see the long lines waiting to go down the one hill at each. The rest stop was also busy with people playing, but not nearly as bad.

The girls had a blast, though Sydney couldn't decide whether she liked warm hands with gloves on or cold hands without gloves. She had us taking them off and putting them back on the whole time!

And I hate to say it, but this was Sydney's first time playing in the snow, ever! The last time I'd been up in Tahoe when it was snowing, Sydney was 3 months old. She stayed inside the cabin with friends while London and I played and went sledding. 

Since we didn't have a sled, we made do and made a snow slide on a small hill we found. We could see a great sledding hill just behind it that others were taking advantage of, so we hope to return this season with a sled. 

Unfortunately, the snow was too dry to make a good snowman, or even a snow ball. But it was great to make snow angels in, which London squealed with delight doing. 

The only sad part about the whole trip was the amount of trash left behind by others enjoying the snow. We picked up as much as we could walking back to the car. Worse, the one trash can near the restrooms was overloaded. But the worst moment came on the way home when we stopped for some water at a gas station near a snow park. 

I was in the last row of the truck, waiting with the girls. A car pulled up next to us and a lady gets out and places a bag full of trash off to the side in the snow! She then proceeded to get back in her car and play on her phone while her tween-aged daughter got in her snow gear and they waited for her husband to return with a sled. 

I mentioned it to Cameron when he got back and he went and picked up the bag just as the lady was getting back out of the car. She admitted it was hers and quickly tried to say she was going to throw it away. Cameron not so kindly offered and did do it for her - that's when she saw me in the back. It was worth the dirty look I received from her. I can only hope it taught her a lesson and showed her daughter the proper way to treat nature, but I also highly doubt it at the same time. 

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