Jan 7, 2016

Sad News

Before I get back to recapping December, I have some sad news to report. On Saturday, January 2, 2016, a coyote got into our chicken pen and killed all three chickens. 

It happened during the day while we were out running errands, which is brazen for a coyote. Usually our dogs are in the backyard, but on this day we happened to have let them hang out inside while we were out, as it was cold. Most likely, had they been outside the coyote would either have never come so close to the house, or the dogs would have barked and scared it away. 

Now, unless it's raining, the dogs get to be outside as our poor Sophie needs the protection. 

When we got home from our errands, we saw that Sophie's cat food contained was in the middle of our driveway. This isn't a small contained. It's a big clack storage box with yellow lid that you can get from Costco. And it was half full. 

Then we noticed Sophie's Dogloo was moved. We surveyed all this quite quickly. The next thing we heard was London pointing out that Sophie was up in the one tall tree we have out front. The poor thing was at the highest point possible and it took me a good 15-20 minutes to coax her down. While I did that, Cameron was surveying the property as he worked on determining if man or animal had visited us. As soon as he looked in the chicken pen, he knew it was animal. 

While we feel very bad for the chickens and the gruesome end they met, we are also quite thankful our little Sophie is ok, physically, but she's definitely shaken up. We had her spend the night in the house, in our bathroom, that night, and didn't let her back out until we had removed her food and the chickens. 

For the time being, we're feeding her wet food daily as we don't want the scent of food to draw the coyote back. Don't get me wrong, we're still worried about her. She's such a sweet cat. If it weren't for Jake and Kelsey, she'd be a house cat. And I'm still considering it - if we could get the cats to assimilate to each other. We at least want to get her comfortable in the backyard when the dogs are back there so she knows she can run back there for protection any time and especially when the dogs are there. 

The whole experience has been a bit more emotional than I would have expected. As Cameron described it, it's like we have been robbed. And as his mom put it, it's almost worse because we know this robber could be back at any time. But alas, we know and knew that this was the reality of country living. 

And now we know what we need to do to improve our Chicken pen to prevent such an attack in the future, both for chickens and the goats we are considering. Guess we're back to square one again on the chicken front. 

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