Jan 14, 2016

Hawaii December 2015: Swimming, Sunsets, Pink Eye and Character Meet & Greets

Our second full day in Hawaii was a Sunday and the first day we really just sat back and relaxed at the resort. This meant checking out the pool and lazy river some more and checking out the first of the water slides. 

The one we went down several times is a tube slide. The girls were too small to hold onto a single tube on their own, so we would get double tubes and sit the girls in the front ring, onto or in between our legs to hold them up, while our bodies were propped on the back ring. Everyone that partook in the slides had a blast!

After a light lunch back in our Villa, the girls headed over to Aunty's beach house for a couple of hours of fun. During this time, Cameron and I headed back over to the shops across the street. He was in search of some new board shorts, while I wanted to grab a new pair of flip flops. I wear them even in winter here in California, even though it's cold outside, and my current pairs were pretty run down. I ended up getting a great pair at the ABC market, along with a really cute sun dress at very reasonable prices. I only wish I'd gotten another pair of flip flops to bring home. They're nice and comfy and will last a while. 

Toward the end of the day my cousin Eddie, who actually lives on Oahu, was able to join us for some swimming and dinner. Before dinner, we walked out to the beach to watch the sunset and take some pictures. 

These pictures were my favorite!

For dinner, we headed back to Makahiki, where we had had the character breakfast buffet the day before, for a dinner buffet. Again, it did not disappoint. It provided a huge variety of dinner options as well as dessert. Everything from prime rib & chicken & pasta to stone & snow crab, even scallops cooked on half a shell. 

Cameron really liked the scallops and decided these were the best shells for our other vacation tradition. For beach vacations, we like to collect some shells, or something else from the local beaches and create a picture frame with our favorite family picture from that vacation front and center. The only issue was that we couldn't find many shells along the beach - and we'd been combing it every morning. This was probably due to the fact that the lagoons for each of the three resorts in the area were actually man-made. But both Cameron and I agreed the scallop shells would be perfect. 

As the girls went to bed that night I noticed one of Sydney's eyes looked a little goopey, but attributed it to the fact that she had rubbed that eye at dinner when her hands had lemon juice on them. 

By Monday morning, the goopey eye looked more like pink eye. We quickly located a 24-hour pharmacy near by and got a prescription called in. That 24-hour pharmacy turned out to be a Longs Drugs! I haven't seen one in years since CVS bought them out, but I was sure happy for it and the amazing service we got from the pharmacy staff in getting the prescription processed so quickly. A $50 cab ride and hour later, Sydney had the first drops in her eyes getting to work. 

But since she had the infection, I also had to get to work rescheduling her Aunty's Beach House activity for the day, which was Stitch's Space Goo. Luckily, the staff at Aunty's were more than accommodating. Soon they had both London and Sydney scheduled for both Stitch's Space Goo and Hula Lessons for our last full day there. Their policy for pink eye is to have the drops going for 48 hours before the child can return. We're very thankful Sydney got it at the beginning of our trip so that she didn't miss out completely on some of these activities. 

I also squashed all wishes for swimming that day. I wanted to drops that first day to have a powerful affect. So instead, we made use of our downtime to relax in the Villa and to get in all the character meet & greets we possibly could, and get the girls Autograph books full. Character meet & greets lasted 30 minutes for each character and spanned a 2-hour time period that day. We headed out early for the 2nd half hour to get in line early for Mickey & Minnie. In the days leading up to this, we had seen the line wind it's way down the paths which could result in a long wait. 

But we got lucky and managed to get all our meet & greets in within a 1/2 hour! We caught Stitch just as he as finishing up. 

While Sydney got her book signed, she still wouldn't get close enough for a picture!

And moved over to Donald who was also just finishing up. 

We took a little stroll - not even 10 minutes after that and then it was time for Chip & Dale! 

We were so quick with Chip & Dale that was only had to wait for one or two people to go, before we met Mickey and Minnie. Plus, I think Sydney's fear of Characters has improved immensely!

After a little more downtime back in the Villa, we headed out to our Luau. Stay tuned!

Even Grammi couldn't resist this dynamic duo!

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