Jan 15, 2016

Hawaii December 2015: Luau Time!

Monday night in Hawaii, we went to a Luau at Paradise Cove. It was within walking distance of Aulani (literally two doors down, really) and we got there early so that we could get decent seats in our section. Turns out that wasn't a big issue as the luau wasn't too crowded. After having a conversation with a bartender, we learned that first, we were going during a slow tourist time - things would ramp up in a week for the Christmas holiday traffic and luaus get the most attendance Thursday through Saturday. 

London was amazing on this trip and took advantage of all the time she got to spend with her grandparents

We'll definitely keep this in mind the next time we make it to Hawaii, as I will declare now, this post will be heavy on pictures and less focused on the experience. And that Sydney owes me an Luau. Even though we had Grammi, Grandma and Grandpa, not to mention Daddy on this trip, Sydney became a very clingy mama's girl. To the point that I had to sleep with her every night. And carry her a lot. The luau was no exception. 

The luau did start out great, and don't get me wrong, I did enjoy a lot of it. It started out with the handing out of Mai Tais to the adults and fruit punch to the kids. Then we received more flower leis (and Sydney got a nice shell lei) and we were gathered for a group picture before being shown to our seats. 

We didn't sit long, as this was the time to wander around and see all that was offered. The girls each got hand-drawn temporary tattoos. And most of us participated in Hawaii bowling and spear throwing where we picked up more shell leis for our participation. 

And we stopped in to meet Hawaiian Santa. This would become our Christmas card picture for the year. 

Soon the sunset festivities began. There was some hula instruction, then a guy climbed up a coconut tree really fast, followed by the casting of the nets ceremony. Sydney wasn't too interested in this, so we spent some time taking selfies and enjoying the sunset before we were joined on the beach by everyone else. 

After the net ceremony, we were moved over to the unveiling of the pig. Sydney and I got great seats in the front row too. Then she decided that she needed to use the restroom, right as the ceremony was starting, so we missed it completely. I do hope to see this someday. I could smell the roast pig and it smelled amazing! 

We got to wander the different vendor booths some more and got some more drinks while waiting for the buffet dinner. I did enjoy my Pina Coladas throughout the evening and Cameron and I got the souvenir glasses to take home.

The dinner was delicious, though I didn't get adventurous and try the Poi. Soon after dinner was served the main hula show got underway, and watching the little that I did, the dancers were quite amazing and the outfits beautiful. 

But as soon as the girls were done eating, they decided they wanted to dance. London soon stopped and actually watched the show, but Sydney wouldn't stop. And she decided she need to go potty at least two more times during the show. And did I mention she didn't want to walk - only mommy could carry her? Yeah, this was just two weeks after I had hurt my back with the 40 lb turkey. So by the end of the night I was spent and in pain. And of course, Sydney wanted me to carry her back to the resort too. Enjoy the rest of photos! 

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