Nov 6, 2015


We started celebrating Halloween Friday evening as soon as I finished my run for the evening. Sydney's daycare was holding it's annual Halloween carnival that night. It was much later in the month than it has been in past years, but it got the girls geared up and ready for Trick-or-treating the next night. 

London wanted to go as a Mermaid this year. She's quite interested in Mermaids this year and really wants to see a real one. I recently found the DIY for a Mermaid Tail Blanket on Pinterest, so guess what both girls will be getting from Christmas. I'm thinking of making London a pillow that says "A Mermaid Sleeps Here" as well. 

We recycled London's old Minnie Mouse costume for Sydney. Unfortunately, it was on the snug side for her. London wore it when she was just 2 so we were almost a year late on passing it along to Sydney. The ears were definitely too small so they kept popping off her head. I felt a little bad, but a the same time I think this is our last year telling Sydney what she will be. Her opinions are growing so I'm sure she'll want to pick out her costume next year. 

I wanted to make sure we carved pumpkins this year, as this was my favorite thing to do when I was little. I bought each of the girls a carving kit and designs at the grocery store during our Saturday errands and as soon as we were done unloading the groceries, we set about hollowing out and carving the pumpkins. The girls each picked out their designs, and making the marks necessary for me to follow along with the knife afterward. Sydney chose a Goblin and London choose a witch. Unfortunately, the candle in Sydney's wasn't strong so I wasn't able to snap a picture, but London's turned out nicely. 

Since we don't get trick-or-treaters, we took our Jack-o-lanterns with us to our old neighborhood, as we had plans to go out with McKenzie. This was Sydney and McKenzie's first official time trick-or-treating, after all.  We went over early to have appetizers, drinks and tacos for dinner, then got the girls dressed up in their costumes. We made a simple loop, but the girls raked it in. Each girls' plastic Jack-o-lantern was at least half full when we got done. 

London and Sydney were really into it, and by the end of the night so was McKenzie. Although, I think all the girls had even more handing out candy back at McKenzie's house after we got back! Each girl would give each trick-or-treater a handfull of candy and we were soon out of it, which wasn't so bad, The lights were off by 7:30 pm and we just sat around catching up while the girls played. We were home by 9:30 pm with all of us falling into bed quickly. 

London definitely can turn it on some time - I just wish I could get this reaction out of her every time I want a picture! And I wish I could get Sydney to stand still more!
Best Friends!
And boy did we all enjoy that extra hour of sleep the next day.

I also did what I could to excite the girls about Halloween throughout the week. This mainly involved watching new movies, including Hocus Pocus and Casper. London is a fan of both now. I may have to start building a Halloween DVD collection just so we don't have to deal with commercials any more!

Now, bring on Thanksgiving. I have grand plans to celebrate this "lost in the shuffle" holiday. We'll see how well I actually do! 

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  1. the kids look cute! great looking pumpkin too