Nov 3, 2015

Fall Decor Tour

Dining Table
Happy November! Can I just say how happy I am October is over?! While it is usually a fun month, 2015 was not exactly kind to our house. While we had fun celebrating Sydney's birthday and Halloween multiple times in multiple ways, it was also a trialing month plagued by illnesses, a dying appliance and busy schedules both at home and work. 

I have pumpkins scattered throughout the front yard
We still don't know what had the girls sick off and on throughout the month, but a bland diet mixed with probiotics seemed to kick it in the butt, finally. But 4 weeks of off and on illness with many interrupted nights' sleep left both Cameron and I exhausted. Add in the fact that October was a warmer than usual month and all I can say is I am ready for "cuddle on the couch with a heavy blanket and relax" weather more than ever. 

My lamp is hidden in this display at the front door
Then again, I've been ready for that weather since before the First day of Fall! I even decorated for Fall back at the end of September - and I still haven't even gotten my Fall Decor out of storage. I have mainly used what I grew this summer! And I had a nice, quick weekend project of painting an old oil lamp Cameron's mom gave us to give it a little more pop. 

The "Before" of the lamp"
And the "After" - this baby is going to find a home in the house permanently once Fall is over
I harvested all my gourds and pumpkins at the end of September and have been able to decorate the inside and outside of the house, using them all and even sending my mom home with a few!

This is the display I have under the TV
My Fall pumpkin spice candles have also be lit many an evening or weekend and at London's request we did make Chili and cornbread for dinner one night. And luckily, cooler weather seems to have arrived. On November 1, we work up to clouds and it was soon raining consistently into the evening, throughout the night and when we woke up yesterday. I hope the rain returns soon. 

Two cake stands that sit on a console table behind our loveseat in the Family Room

It also appears I chose to harvest the last of my tomatoes, jalapenos and peppers on the right day - Halloween. We haven't watered in a month, but these plants have still been producing like crazy. But I finally called it quits for the year, going so far as the butcher the plants in my last harvest attempts and pulled up all the tomato gates. Now I'm just trying to preserve the last of these vegetables. 

Dining Room Buffet - the dried gourd we found on our property the first year we lived here. 
The two green pumpkins were my favorites. They were huge and heavy!

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