Oct 31, 2015

Sydney's 3rd Birthday Party

Until the girls have opinions, we've sort of just done for Sydney's birthday what we did for London at that age. Which meant, for Sydney's 3rd birthday, we returned to Fairytale Town. I remember how surprised and easy London's 3rd Birthday party was, which was perfect that year as Sydney wasn't even a year old and we were toying with the idea of selling our old house and moving, so we'd already been doing a lot of work on it in preparation. 

And while Fairytale Town is still a great venue, this time the party required more work on my part. Unlike when London turned 3, Fairytale Town no longer offers food as an option with the party package and they no longer provide the cake. While they would have noted who gave what gifts during present opening, we opted to take the presents home and open them there. 
This little girl could hardly wait to get her hands on this cake - baking it the day before was agony for her!
I was glad we scheduled the party on Sunday versus a Saturday so that I could get all the prep done the day before versus trying to do it all in the evening before after a long day and week of work. I did kept the food to a minimum and mainly to snack foods. I've discovered kids don't eat at birthday parties. The only hiccup in this plan was that our oven died on me in the middle of baking the cake. Thankfully, I was able to finish it in our Toaster/Convection Oven, but it ended up being dryer than I like cake to be as a result. 

The biggest hassle was transporting the food into the park. Thankfully, we shop at Costco each week and get the big boxes to transport the food back home in the back of the car. I was able to use that week's box to carry the majority of food from the car into the park. The only problem there is that the parking lots are a bit of a hike to the park entrance. Only when we were leaving was I informed that they did have a roller table or wagon I could have used, but at that point there wasn't as much to transport and I had more help since we were all leaving. When we had arrived, only Cameron and I went back to the car to get the food. I had my parents staked out at table within the park so that we had a place to keep the food until the party in the castle took place while Vicki took the girls around the park to play. 

The girls and their friends had a blast, of course, going down all the slides, climbing on the playground equipment and seeing the animals. 

And it really was worth it when Sydney lit up at her crowning within King Arthur's Castle. Or when she finally was getting close to eating her cake. She did have a little trouble getting all the candles blown out. 

And this time, while they had games for the kids like at London's our hostesses also did some wand and sword making with the kids. The only gripe I have there is that the materials used were cheap and the girls' wands barely survived 5 minutes at home. I'm not sure if any of the boys' swords did. For the amount of money we paid, some sturdier materials should have been more reasonable, but then again, I know most of the money goes back into the park, which they are improving and adding to more and more. 

This year, we also kept the guest list small, which worked out well. It was just the right amount of people and the kids had fun, especially Sydney, which is all that mattered.

This was taken after Sydney left Mckenzie high and dry in the crooked mile alone. McKenzie wanted to walk it. Sydney thought running would be fun! 

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