Oct 29, 2015

Annual Visit to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

Even though I grew plenty of pumpkins myself this year, I still wanted to take the girls to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch. It's been a tradition of ours since we found out I was pregnant with London, and I wasn't ready to let it go. Plus, while we had plenty of pumpkins, none of my second-harvest Jack-o-lantern pumpkins were very big and this year I want to carve pumpkins with the girls. We may not have trick-or-treaters come to our house out in the country, but that doesn't mean they should miss out on this fun, festive activity. 

We're going to go trick-or-treating this year in our old neighborhood with Sydney's best friend McKenzie, so maybe we will take our carved pumpkins there to light up the porch there. 

Last year we went on a weekday and it was fabulous. No parking fee and fewer people. This year we decided to go on a Friday, thinking parking would be free again, so we were a little shocked and unprepared for the parking fee. Luckily, my mom is one of the few people who still carries cash. At least there were still fewer people than on a weekend, but it was definitely more crowded than the weekday we went last week. 

For the first time, we took the hay ride out to the actual patch to pick out two pumpkins. The girls had fun and found some nice shaped and sized pumpkins. We tried to stay for the pig races that evening, but the girls were hungry, and we were all tired. The girls got to go down one slide and that was about it. The trip out to the patch had been a bit time consuming, too. But we did pick out a giant white pumpkin, which I will harvest for seeds. I've never seen them this big - almost the same size are the orange giant pumpkins. And Cameron got his gallon of Apple Cider. 

And it was nice that we were able to go with my parents since they were in town for Sydney's birthday party that weekend. And I think that Friday was the last real warm day we have had - we're finally had some cooler, fall-like weather and even had a little rain drizzle on us on that Saturday. 

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