Sep 11, 2015

New Traditions Are Born - Labor Day Weekend

Since London began Kindergarten, Cameron and I have jumped right in, involving ourselves as much as we can with the school and associated clubs. We have quickly learned what a big deal Labor Day is to the school.

The school is one of three that feeds into the high school the girls will attend. All the students come from the surrounding small, rural towns in the area. And on Labor Day, the schools and towns come together for a day of festivities in the high school's town city center. The day starts off with a pancake breakfast and drinks. Mid-morning is the Labor Day parade down the main street and the afternoon is filled with lunch booths, vendor wares for sale, a Giant Vegetable Contest and a Silent Auction/Raffle booth. And all money raised throughout the day from all the different events and booths gets divided between the four schools.

The long, labor day weekend is spent prepping for the big day.

Saturday started off with all four of us heading over to one of London's classmates house to help with the Kindergarten Parade Float. We'd missed the original planning night before Back to School night as Cameron and I had an long weekend in Vegas with friends already planned. The least we could do was help with whatever concept had been created. And this way London would get to know some of her classmates better and we'd get to start to know some of the parents at the school.

Turns out, while the concept for how the kids would dress had been decided, how the float would look hadn't been discussed much. One mother was making long banners to line the float sides on either side, presenting our theme of "Not All Heroes Wear Capes" (the day's theme was "Small Town, Super Powers" but outside some patriotic streamers, bows and fringe, that was all for the float. The few other parents that showed up admitted they weren't very creative but were happy to help. One mom suggested a cityscape to put on the side of the float but with the banners, that wouldn't work. That's when Cameron & I suggested a larger cityscape made of plywood to go between the hay bales in the middle of the float. In a few minutes, Cameron was even able to draw it out to give the other parents a visual. They loved it. And so we agreed to meet back later that afternoon.

Cameron and I were tasked with creating the plywood cuts outs and getting the necessary paint, as well as priming the plywood before going back. Luckily, the same parents and more were able to make it back that afternoon to help paint the cityscape we had created. London and Sydney had a blast playing with the other kids and getting to tour the dairy that London's classmate's family owns and runs. The family was also quite kind to donate pizza and soda to the cause as we were there until about 7:30 that night.

Sunday we pretty much played catch up at home and got errands and chores done for the weekend. That evening I completed the giant toothbrush I was constructing for London's costume for the float. She'd decided to be a dentist for the float. I think that decision was based largely on her losing her second tooth that week.

The toothbrush was a big hit the next morning, when we met up with everyone once again to put the final touches on the float, including the patriotic streamers and flare, as well as the awesome banners the one mom had made. Sadly, our float only came in second in the competition. And most of everyone I have spoken to since then have agreed the kids float should have gotten 1st - London's teacher thought up the concept and it was the most creative. The float that one just had kids dressed up in Super Hero costumes and a plain cityscape backdrop. Did I mention our cityscape had a barn and silo, Sheriff's office, the kids' school and a Fire station? Yeah, way more creative. Oh well. It was fun and nice to get to know some people associated wit London's school better.

After the parade, Cameron took the girls home. After a week of mid-80 degree weather, Labor Day started the week at 95 and we have since gone into triple digits! So much for the end of Summer. I, on the other hand, stuck around. We've joined the school's Parents Club and I had volunteered to man the cotton candy/water/soda booth that afternoon. And since there was a lack in volunteers, it was really only one other mother and myself, along with her best friend for 3 hours. At least we were able to give the moms that had manned the pancake breakfast since 6 AM a break!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted. The four of us settled in on the couch to watch the 3rd Night at the Museum movie before the girls went to bed. I followed them shortly after, passing out from exhaustion by 8:30 PM!

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  1. the toothbrush was brilliant..
    looks great.. lot of fun but also tons of work.