Aug 13, 2015

Pardon Our Dust

Here's a view of the dining room on the day we moved in.
The summer garden has been keeping me busy these days and I've been doing all I can to keep up with the Fig tree harvest. Every other day I am outside picking figs. I've made a ton of preserves from it and am now simply dehydrating every night after a harvest. And, this is the first week the girls have not had swim lessons Monday through Thursday evenings! 

Again, from moving day, a view from the family room into the dining room and kitchen.

One or both of the girls has had swim lessons Monday through Thursday every week for six weeks straight this summer! They both made solid progress in becoming self-sufficient swimmers, but also have a ways to go. London needs to build her confidence and Sydney needs to grow up some more so she is less top heavy and can actually swim on her own. I give it to her - she sure tries!

This is the wall we are tearing down. You can see Cameron's masking tape outlining where the new footprint of the pantry will go.

And while we have been busy, a lot of it is nothing new, even to this blog, so I haven't been inclined to write much. But that's about to change. 

A better view of the masking tape foot print. Of course the wall we are taking down, I just painted!
All the harvesting of the summer garden has led to a lot of canning. To the point that the relatively nice-sized hall closet next to the master bedroom that has served as a makeshift, albeit far away, pantry, is filled to capacity. We are in desperate need for a real pantry. 

Cameron could hardly wait to start the demo

And, we have determined, we need to renovate the girls bathroom to add in a second sink. Yes, at not even 3 years old and 5 years old, they fight over the sink! I thought we had at least until Sydney started kindergarten, 2 years from now. 

We've gotten even farther than this picture depicts - Cameron has removed all the way up to where the hammer is hanging out in this picture

We have also decided, after a BBQ at our house over Memorial Day weekend, that we need two bathrooms accessible to guests over a Master Suite. See, when we have friends over I'm great at getting our house picked up and cleaned but I always ignore our bedroom, so the door just gets closed. And then when the girls' bathroom is occupied and someone needs one, they then have to battle two dogs to get through the door of our room to get to the master bath, which I also admit is never cleaned because I ignore that along with our room. So guests get to see the utter chaos that is our bedroom should the need for two bathrooms arise - which seems to happen more and more now that all our kids are out of diapers. 

This is why clearing out my closet took a weekend

All these revelations have led to renovation and redesigning discussions between Cameron and me. We've even gone so far as to get a piece of plexy glass to draw out our house's blueprint outline onto so we could see proposed changes visually. We used a Sharpie for every place we know the walls currently up will stay. And we used a dry erase marker for any walls we may move, remove or change. We also discovered that Sharpie on plexy glass can be erased using a Q-tip and Nail Polish Remover. 

It was an obstacle course to walk through because it is so narrow

At one point the plan had been to eventually turn the master closet into a laundry room. But after some discussions this has changed. We are now going to make the master closet the new pantry! See, the master closet backs up into the dining room, which will eventually be enveloped by the kitchen any how. And one wall was part of our long family room, so it was where we put all the girls toys that weren't in their rooms. 

I did it though - here's my temporary closet all loaded up and a photo bomb by Gibson!

That's all changed now. Two weekends ago the girls and I relocated all their toys into their rooms. And last weekend I emptied the master closet. Most of my clothes, since I was the only one using that closet (Cameron has two closets in his office), were moved to the small coat closet that separates the front entrance hall and the back hall that accesses the bedrooms, bathroom and other closets. Other clothes were moved to dresser drawers, hung in one of Cameron's closets, or donated. Hey, when you're moving them around you might as well go through them to try and downsize some too, right? 

All cleared out. I accomplished this on Saturday, the only problem is...

The rest of the master closet housed all my craft supplies. That has all be packed up in clear storage bins and will soon reside in  the garage. Right now it's all in our dining room (we have a little garage re-organization/cleanup to do, too). Our house, in general, is a total disaster right now. But it will be worth it when I have my pantry! 

The clear out left our room looking like this and...

The master bedroom will still retain a small closet, so my clothes won't be in the hall forever. My craft supplies will be regulated to the garage until further projects/plans can take place.

Our hall like this. The hall is better as is our bedroom. The dining room, not so much. Garage clean up is in our future, and possibly shed clean up.

The plan for the new pantry is actually to extend the closet out a couple of feet, as space in the family room is available. That way we maximize the space potential and pantry usability. We're going to build a barn door to add a nice design element and use Ikea's ALGOT closet system to create the structure of the pantry shelves.

I can hardly wait! Luckily, Cameron has already started the demo on the outside of the wall that is shared with the family room. He also used masking tape to outline the new footprint of the pantry into the family room. We want to try and salvage some of the shelving and racking in the closet to re-purpose in the new, smaller closet. Once the shelving and racking is removed, we can blast through the wall completely.

For now, enjoy the before and early demo pictures. I'll do my best to give updates. Our plan is to have the pantry completed in time for Sydney's birthday this October. 

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