Aug 18, 2015

London's Preschool Graduation

Today London, Cameron and I head to Kindergarten orientation with her new school! And tomorrow will be her first official day. But before all this, I wanted to take time to recognize her Preschool graduation. It took place a few weeks back.

The "Stage" and graduates seats

The graduation itself was a relatively affair. The management and teachers there understand all too well the attention span of the graduating audience. 

London had her wave down as she entered - it just happened to be to the wall!

But she got the hang of it
We arrived a little early and I am so glad we did. There had to have been 25 kids graduating and each family was "supposed" to only bring up to 4 people total (outside the grad). I noticed several families come in with many more. Having arrived early, we were able to snag seats on the aisle in row 2. Before long, it was standing room only and while the room had been cold in temperature when we arrived, it quickly warmed up. 

London got a little bored during the opening remarks and decided trying to catch the tassel in her mouth was more fun!
After a few words of advise and direction from the daycare director, the kids marched in. They were so cute in their caps and gowns. London even got to keep her cap and tassel. 

London up leading The Phoenix School Graduation Song

After a few more remarks and teacher introductions, the kids sang a song about starting Kindergarten. The each child's name was called, and each kid walked across the "stage", posed for pictures and received their diploma. 

This definitely took the longest. London had a great time, even being one of the three kids selected to lead the kids in the song. Plus, she got to see some friends that have already left the daycare to move on to their new "big kid" schools. 

London was the first to get out of her gown. It was a little short and covered up her favorite dress.

After the ceremony, cake and refreshments were served, but not too many people stuck around. The ceremony was held in the evening, so most kids were pushing their bedtimes already.  

We have been talking about Kindergarten a lot with London, telling her how exciting it is going to be and all the new friends she is going to make. Soon after her graduation she admitted she was nervous for kindergarten, but in  the last week she has grown more and more excited. I think it has helped that she is one of the last kids to head off to kindergarten. In the mornings she gets to see some kids from her class before they get bused to school and then after school for those enrolled in after school care, so I think she is getting to hear what they get to do and has been able to see that they are doing fine, but now she's ready for it to be her turn. 

I'm still not sure if she ate her cake or just smeared it on her face! The piece she got had black lettering.
London won't be returning to the daycare until next summer though. We are very fortunate that the new school offers after school care and we are able to get childcare covered ourselves (with extended family) the few holidays and vacation closings we will be faced with during the school year. 

Stay tuned to hear how orientation and the 1st day go! 

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