Aug 27, 2015

London's 1st Day of Kindergarten

London just about jumped out of bed the first day of school last week. She was so excited to get moving on this new beginning in her life. Cameron and I both wanted to be there with her at the bus stop that morning, so he made sure to get Sydney to daycare early. While we waited for Cameron to get back we had a quick photo shoot in the front yard. I think London's smile tells you just how excited she was for the day.

We ended up waiting for the bus for a little while. We were told to arrive 10 minutes prior to it's arrival and were provided a 5-minute window of when to expect the bus. I think the bus was running a little behind that morning. And now my experience has found that we can leave the house 10 minutes later. I've even gotten to adjust my alarm clock by 10 minutes and may even get to add more time to it each morning. We're still arriving a bit too early.

The extra time that morning gave us more time to run through the rules of the bus and school, as well as what London's morning and after-school routine would be.

We are still reviewing all these items this week as well, even though she does have most of it down. London did skip breakfast Thursday and Friday last week. I think she just wants to go play. And she may not be that hungry - daycare doesn't serve lunch until about 9/9:30 AM and while we did send her off with a snack of cereal each morning for early breakfast, London had recently stopped wanting it. Luckily, the kindergarten class gets a class snack at first recess, which is at 9:30 AM and London was eating almost her entire lunch all 3 days.

London was one of only 2 new kindergartners riding the bus that first day. Luckily, it was the little girl she had made friends with the day before at orientation! The bus driver did a great job greeting the girls, too.

The first day didn't end there for Cameron and me. We headed to the school after London got on the bus and waited for her there. We walked with her to the lunch room where we got her set up in the school's system for breakfast and lunch meals. Most days London will be taking a lunch from home, but once a week we figure she can choose a day to get school lunch and it makes it easier all around to have her get breakfast there.

London has yet to get a school lunch since last week when we mentioned on Friday that she could get school lunch she insisted on a packed lunch instead. Luckily, all we really have to do is throw a sandwich together and that morning she wanted PB&J.

After breakfast and learning the plate clearing rules, we made sure London made a visit to the bathroom before heading for the playground. And good thing we did, because we had no control once we got to the playground - London literally went sprinting after her new friend and the playground. The bell for class to begin happened soon after so we all filed into the classroom. London was greeted by her teacher and quickly taught the morning routine of moving her magnet to what type of lunch she had for the day and putting her backpack in a cubby. We then gave London a hug and kiss, saying our goodbyes. We observed a few short moments more before heading out.

I needed to get to work and we still needed to get a few things cleared up in the office, plus we wanted to turn in our information for the Parent Council (it's like PTA).

Then Cameron and I had to survive the day at work worrying about how London's first day was going. We both had fears she wouldn't make it to the After School Care program and end up on the bus home instead. I had visions of her waiting at the bus stop waiting for us while Cameron worried she would get tired of waiting and try to walk home. We may only live 1 1/2 miles from the stop, but there is not sidewalk, nor a light to cross a street that people speed along. And there are sometimes unsavory people walking these roads as well.

Of course, then we were late picking her up due to a last minute need for ice from my work for an on-site event! We were only late by 15 minutes or so, though and London was none the wiser. She'd made it to the After School Care program and was just finishing up snack when we walked up. And bonus, her new friend is in the after school program with her too!

Within 10 minutes, London was asking if she was going to get to go back to the new school and was beaming ear to ear when she heard she would. She's doing well considering the change, though we expect to see more of an effect on her in about a month - it seems like changes take a month to sink in with her. Hopefully, she'll be the same as now, happy and enthusiastic!

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  1. aww cutie..
    my eldest is starting kindergarten next week too