Aug 25, 2015

Kindergarten Orientation

We survived London's first week of Kindergarten! And I'm happy to report things are going well.

As you know the day before school started, Cameron, London and myself attended Kindergarten Orientation.

London loved it. She got to meet her teacher, have a snack and go for a bus ride around the area. She even made a new friend before we left.

Orientation was only about an hour and a half in time. Unfortunately for Cameron and myself, along with the other parents, about 20 minutes were spent waiting. It seems there is a new school secretary and she is still learning the ropes. She wasn't aware that she was to start the parents' presentation before introducing the principal and then going over paperwork with us. I still think she could have figured it out going over the paperwork we received since it included a detailed agenda by time, but oh well. None of it took long or felt rushed so it wasn't too much of a waste.

In the end, paperwork got done and then we got to meet London's teacher. Ms. Tudor seems like the ideal kindergarten teacher. She actually attended this same school when she was little, as did her kids. She had a few handouts for us to help explain how the kids would learn to read and do math based on the new teaching standards set by the state. I think Math will be new to all of us with how Common Core Math is taught but so far it seems easy and understandable. Then again, we haven't had any homework sent home yet, either. We were told that the emphasis is on reading this year and that is what most homework will focus on.

We left with a few unanswered questions only because the Secretary needed to get the answers for us, but otherwise we were ready. As ready as any of us could be. Cameron and I both got a bit nervous for how the next day would go. I'm not sure London had those nerves though, especially after orientation. She showed more nerves for that than the first day. 

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