Jul 15, 2015

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

What does one do with a bunch of out-of-season, beautiful pumpkins? That was the question I asked after we harvested all our June pumpkins a few weeks back to help push the pumpkin vines to produce new pumpkins in time for the Fall decorating season. 

One of my co-workers suggested making roasted pumpkin seeds. Duh! The answer was so simple, yet I hadn't even thought about it.  

So, when I was growing more and more antsy from being cooped up in the house over the 4th of July weekend while we worked with Sydney on potty training, I decided it was now or never with the pumpkins. The pumpkins were still outside and it had been around 105 degrees for a week at this point. They wouldn't last another week if I waited. 

Cameron and I took turns bringing in the pumpkins and then I set about the task of carving out the top and scooping the seeds out. Sydney shocked me by wanting to help. This is a child who won't break an egg when we bake or cook because the one time she did, she didn't like how the egg felt on her fingers. I'd figure pumpkin guts would be just as bad. Nope. She went so far as to rub the guts all over her legs! But, hey, we had fun. And it was actually her first time "carving" pumpkins since we moved away from a neighborhood before her first true Halloween. There's no need for carved pumpkins out here. 

We harvested a lot of seeds that day. I even harvested the seeds from the green and white pumpkins. Probably won't do that again. Turns out these seeds don't roast well. They come out a bit chewy. 

I did have fun playing with various seasonings, finding a nice garlic seasoning recipe online and creating my own BBQ seasoning based off a BBQ sauce recipe we like. And you can never go wrong with simplicity - a little olive oil and salt. Sadly, the ranch seasoning I found online didn't translate well nor did the spicy recipe. Oh well. 

It's took me two days to complete the roasting process. Day 1 was spent gutting the pumpkins, cleaning the seeds (which included boiling them for 10 minutes), mixing the seasonings and roasting in the oven for 20 minutes. Not all seeds on each tray were coming out completely roasted so on Day 2 we finished them off in the dehydrator.

Delicious! We've been enjoying snacking on the successful seasonings ever since. We made sure to vacuum seal the majority of the seeds so they won't go stale or bad before we can get around to eating them.

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