Jul 7, 2015

Post-Potty Training Update with Sydney

I believe this is a pretty good indicator of how well our 3-day potty training crash course with Sydney went over the July 4 holiday weekend: She headed off to daycare on Monday with underwear on (along with several changes of underwear, shorts, socks and shoes)! And she did again today! 


Overall the weekend didn't feel as stressful as I remember London's first attempt being. I'm not sure if that has to do with the timing, Sydney's readiness as compared to London at the time, my readiness for this transition to take place or by the simple fact that I could care less about the damage to the carpet in the house since it's already pretty bad. 

Friday was 50/50 whether or not Sydney made it to the toilet or had an accident. The guiding light on Friday, though, was that she was successful in pooping in the toilet. That had been the biggest hurdle for London that first weekend. 

In fact, Sydney never once had an accident pooping all weekend. She still hasn't. Sure, we may have to visit the toilet 20 times in an hour before actual success in this area because she's tooting (being constipated one day didn't help; she got a lot of juice the next day), but I'm just proud she was able to recognize the need to go. Once, she even called for me from the bath because she had to go (the quickest way to alleviate constipation in my kids is a warm bath).

Sydney was also much more receptive to positive re-inforcement than London was at the time. She loves getting a Skittle (or two or three) and a high-five after a successful trip to the bathroom.

On Saturday, the successful trips to the bathroom slightly tipped the scales over accidents and, then on Sunday, we only had one accident!

I know there are more accidents to come. She had two at daycare yesterday. But I know complete success doesn't happen overnight (or in 3 days) but the 3 days definitely helped establish a foundation. Diapers (for now - until they run out) and pull ups are still in our future for nap and bedtime, but call me pleased and relieved to see Sydney taking this next developmental step. I know Cameron and I are both looking forward to fewer diaper changes.

We will be limited on the length of family outings for a little while so that success can continue and we'll begin seeking out where a bathroom is located as soon as we arrive somewhere again so we can make a quick trip if need be. Plus, I need to start making sure to pack spare changes of clothes on those outings for when accidents do happen. But we're headed in the right direction toward a diaper & pull up free life!

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