Jul 10, 2015

Front Yard Update

Check another actual project off our 2015 Project List!

(The first project we checked off was boxing the girls swing set in and adding rock.)

(What does that say about us? We get super excited when we actually finish a project. And trust me the list of started, yet unfinished projects is a little excessive.)

Oh well....we finished another. Yippee. The front yard is done. Stick a fork in it...for now.

We do plan to add more plants over time, among other things, like extending it out more to the right when you face the house.

But today we are erasing it off the white board in the kitchen, because Cameron finished laying the white rock around the boarder from left to right, over Father's Day weekend.

The white rock boarder definitely adds the finishing touch and ties in the white arbor, don't you think?

Now to revisit the list of unfinished projects for another to check off.

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