Jul 2, 2015

Another First Attempt at Potty Training - Sydney's Turn

With how busy I have been at work, and how busy we have been at home I am looking forward to the three-day holiday weekend. Except, I'm also dreading it, just slightly.You see, we've designated this weekend to be our first attempt at potty training with Sydney. Not that I'm not looking forward to spending three quality days with her, it's just, I remember how disastrous our first attempt with London was. You know, that time that the dryer died in between loads of laundry.

It's funny, in preparing for this weekend, I went to re-read that post. Sydney was about 4 months old, yet I don't mention her anywhere in it. I have to think I didn't mention her just to keep the focus on London, but what did we do with her while we focused on London?! For the life of me, I cannot remember. And the worst is, I don't recall her being there that weekend.

London will not be with us for Sydney's first attempt. We were worried that all the attention Sydney will be getting would make London jealous, which would then result in London doing her best to distract us from the task at hand. 

Thankfully, Grammi is coming to the rescue. London will be heading north to spend the long weekend with Grammi as well as her aunts, uncles and cousins celebrating the holiday while Cameron and I stay home with Sydney. London is already elated about the special 1:1 weekend with Grammi. 

I figured if the three days are successful (thinking positively) with Sydney then we can introduce sibling rivalry distraction into the equation. But first, I want to keep the focus on Sydney and getting her transitioned from diapers/pull ups to underwear.

Sydney is definitely ready for the transition. She shows an interest in using the potty but doesn't quite grasp the concept. And she can definitely communicate well enough to make her needs known. Plus, she is all too familiar of what London or I are doing when we're sitting on the toilet as she loves to waltz in if we forget to lock the door (unfortunately for me, knowing we would be going through this soon, I've had to have an open/unlocked door policy. I'm quite looking forward to having my privacy again. Am I the only mom that finds peace and quiet in the bathroom sometimes?).

My biggest fear is that Sydney will be stubborn and not want to transition to big girl underwear and using the potty. We know for sure she won't be able to go from diaper to pull ups. It's going to have to be diaper to underwear. We've put pull ups on her before and she has no qualms going in those just like a diaper. Those will be strictly for nap and bed times.

We've been doing all that we can to talk with Sydney about becoming a big girl for over a month now. And when she has said she wants to use the potty, we have (almost always) dropped whatever it is we were doing to go get her up on the toilet and wait. But so far, we've not had any success. 

In anticipation of this, I ordered several "potty" focused books from Amazon last week, which we began reading as soon as they arrived last Friday week. And we will continue to read as we wait for success. One of the books even came with a "Movie" which we will watch first thing Friday morning.

Also on Friday, we made a trip to Target, at which time we let Sydney pick out some big girl underwear (she went with the Disney Girls pack that included Minnie Mouse, Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins, surprise, surprise), as well as some "pee" treats. Sydney will get a Skittle or two each time she successfully pees in the toilet until her jar is empty. I was smart and put this jar up, out of grasping childrens' hands, so she really will have to be successful to get her treats. So far, Sydney is comprehending that she has to earn her treats and prizes.

We also perused Target's $1 section for some "poo" prizes, plus I raided a basket I have full of left over goody bag-type contents that have accumulated over time. I picked a Doc McStuffins reuseable bag to house all of these items.

Wish us luck! I hope to have a positive weekend to report next week.

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