May 6, 2015

Front Yard Update

Whoops...there goes another month. As usual, we've been busy. Both Cameron and I traveled for work in April and then had the inevitable catch-up to play. Plus, he's been busy with his Fraternity this semester, which is finally winding down. 

The good news is, we've also been busy at home. One of those projects taking up our time is the front yard transformation. 

First, we added a few more plants besides the roses and pomegranate tree. We now have 3 Fox Gloves and 2 Merlot Grapes. The grapes are on either side of the arbor, of course. 

Also, we finally completed the irrigation for the plants we currently have, last week. And before that, Cameron had completed the pathway up to the house, filling in around the steps with white rock. 

This last weekend, we finished installing the seamless border around the area and filled it in with bark. While the addition of the bark is a nice site, for some reason it also shows us how much empty space is still out there. We keep checking Costco for our favorite lavender plants but so far, they haven't show up yet, just the Spanish Lavender.

Next, we want to fill in the small circles around the plants with leftover pea gravel from the girls play structure project, and then border then entire thing with more white rock. We hope to have this all completed by London's birthday party in June. Time will tell.

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