May 12, 2015

Chicken & Coop Update

The chickens and turkeys are still residing in our garage. Luckily, they're not quite fully feathered so they aren't ready to be outside, yet. But don't tell them that. Sunday night we decided to turn off their heat lamp to help them better acclimate to the night weather. When they move outside, there will be no heat lamp. 
We're actually farther along then these picks. This side is completely enclosed.

Well, about an hour after we put them to bed Sunday night, and after I had drifted off to dream land Cameron came in to inform me that the chickens had flown the coop, literally. We quickly located all six chickens and put them back in their pen, turning the heat lamp back on. One had been smart enough to get behind our freezer & spare fridge. Which is why we figured they flew the coop - to seek out heat. 
As is this side, as of Monday.

The turkeys had stayed put, which makes us think they are closer to being ready to go outside. Usually we find the chickens surrounding the turkeys. 
That just leaves the ends. This one needs the nesting boxes built into it first.

We keep trying to get further on the coop each week and weekend, but we swear the days just keep getting hijacked or we are so tired we don't have the energy.

We're getting close though. Cameron completed the floor and roosting poles a few weekends ago and now we just need to enclose the coop. All that is really left of enclosing the coop is building the roosting/egg laying boxes and enclose the end walls. Then we just need to enclose the entire pen with chicken wire and mesh. 

We just need a solid weekend. Hopefully that comes this weekend, as these birds will be ready before we know it.

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