Apr 2, 2015

Chicken Coop & Arbor Update

The chicken coop is coming along quickly. While it may not appear that much has been done based on this photo, I can tell you Cameron spent all weekend working on the coop. He installed the roof which was a big undertaking. We wanted to ensure it was a good roof, so he roofed it like you would roof a house. Now he gets to put up the floor joists and start enclosing it while building the roosting nests. I'll be painting it before we know it! Which is good since the girls and Turkeys come home today! I'll make sure to post pics next week. 

We also got the arbor installed in our front yard. Plus, Cameron used a couple days last week to get the irrigation started in the front yard so I don't have to water it by watering can much longer. We have also decided to grow red grapes on the arbor. Of course, we're a little late to get some bare roots from Home Depot, etc. But we may make a trip to a local nursery that we know will have older, more established grapes available. 

Speaking of the front yard, we are eyeing the Foxgloves that Costco is offering right now. We may come home with a few to go between the roses and the pomegranate tree. And once the irrigation is all in, we'll be covering all the dirt with bark while we will line the edge with the same white rock we are installing in the pathway. Soon, we'll basically be able to say the front yard is complete - minus the addition of more plants as we find ones we like. We do know we'll be adding lavender - we're just waiting for Costco to come out with our favorite variety. And at some point I'll add lamb's ear as well. 

All in all, at least in the front and side yards, I finally feel like we are truly making this place our home and making it our own.

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