Mar 26, 2015

Chicken Coop Update

The last two weekends we have been working very hard on two projects. I've been working on planting our summer garden. More to come on that next week. Cameron has been working on the chicken coop. 

And we purchased our chickens last week. As mentioned, we'll be getting 6 Ameracaunas, aka Easter eggers on April 2. We'll also be getting two turkeys! Cameron's already named them Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The coop is coming along quite well and will be close to being finished even before the chicks arrive home. The spare month we will have will be used to get the coop painted. 

Two weekends ago Cameron got the main frame against the pen created and some posts cut to support the rest of the coop. 

During the week he was able to complete the 3 main wall frames, which he got up this past weekend, along with the back wall frame and got the plywood up on the roof. Of course, just as he was ready to lay the flashing, tar paper and shingles, a storm came in, dropping temperatures and threatening rain, which killed the momentum on Sunday. 

Luckily, we have nothing scheduled this next weekend and weather permitting, he'll be able to get the roof completed, build the nesting box and complete the enclosure to ready it for siding.

Cameron's done an amazing job at getting this job going and on track. I hope the chickens will enjoy their new home (and turkeys too). 

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  1. wow.. i'm sure they will love their new home.