Mar 24, 2015

A Lesson in Paint

After Painting By Hand

Cameron and I still have the arbor we purchased for our wedding and got married under. That's quite an accomplishment since we have moved twice since we got married and had lived in one house we thought we would be in for quite sometime. 

Painted with Spray Paint
With the front yard re-do, we decided it was finally time to put the arbor outside as a permanent feature, in the front yard, over the path we are installing. 

The only problem was the arbor was in it's natural state and looked a little more aged than we preferred. We decided to paint it white before installing it. We figured a couple cans of spray paint would cover it well and make quick work of this task. 


The wood on the arbor was very dry in some areas. After 6 cans of spray paint, it still looked like areas only had primer on it. Plus, windy days had delayed painting on more than one occasion. The thought of having to purchase more spray paint and dealing with wind delays wasn't something we wanted to deal with any more, as the delays were also delaying our progress on the front yard. 

And then I cleared the space up in the garage with the intent to put baby chicks in there, but we had time before they would come home. So we moved the arbor back into the garage. And I broke out some exterior white paint we had purchased to paint the trim on our shed (which still needs to be painted). It took two coats but the arbor looks so much better. Cameron remarked how much better it looked after just the first coat.

We have since learned that sometimes the quick fix isn't always so quick. Next time, I may just op for real paint from the start, depending on what it is we're painting. We could have had this done and installed so much sooner. But the good news is we hope to complete the path and install the arbor this week as our outdoor, week project. 

An up close of only the spray paint - just not a clean look
Close up on real paint - so much better!

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