Feb 10, 2015

The Great Flood of 2014

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas California got an unexpected gift: RAIN!!!! And we learned what happens to our property when the ground gets saturated and the rain continues to fall. With the drought California is experiencing, we definitely get excited about the rain. 

To set the scene: it had rained a few days before and our ditch/dry creek bed in the back was fairly full. As we drove around, we could see that the ground was saturated as puddles had formed and had stayed. Then the big storm came. We're talking breaking news, batten down the hatches, the only topic in the news for days, kind of storm. For us, it wasn't that big a deal. It was windy for a little while and it did rain constantly, but we didn't have the flooding, initially. On the way home from work after the first day of this storm, I could see puddles forming as I drove home, down the side road to our property. 

The next morning, just as I was getting ready to head out the door with the girls to take them to daycare and head into work, it became light enough outside that I could actually see the back. That's when I saw that our land was now a giant pond or small lake. I immediately ran and got Cameron up. We were in awe. Even the road that I had taken to get home the evening before was flooded.
I, for one, would not attempt to drive into this

One of our neighbors had warned us this was a possibility but with the drought we thought it would be years before we saw what they described. Apparently it only took a few months!

The lights in the distance are our house
And while the water receded quickly, we had a nice lake for a backyard for a few weeks. The road was flooded for a while too. We enjoyed the entertainment this provided because despite the "Flooded" signs we saw plenty of drivers attempt to drive through the water. Those in big, lifted trucks, usually made it. But plenty others did not. For about 5 days straight we saw tow trucks at either end of the road towing out the sad souls who failed. One truck that somehow ended up off the flooded road and in the mud in 3 to 4 feet of water, and was tilted due to the mud, went through 4 tow trucks before successfully being pulled out.

While the rain stopped prior to my parents arrival for the holidays, the water lasted long enough to provide this entertainment during their stay. And in between the storms, one day Cameron, the girls, the dogs and I walked out to the water. And we proceeded to throw retrieving dummies out into the water for the dogs to go fetch. It was great to see what areas were deep and where the dogs could actually wade through it.


  1. A really worrying sight. Shame on what had happened to the roads. I hope that your house wasn’t damaged by that storm in any way. That being said, I hope you’re all doing well, and that your house is still in tip-top shape. Good day!

    Rolando Glover @ EcoPure Restoration