Feb 17, 2015

Chirstmas Day

One last catch-up post. The least I can do is capture our Christmas day before February is over! 

We hosted Christmas Day dinner at our home again this last year. And it went a lot better than our first year! For one, I didn't get a stomach bug and actually got to enjoy the prime rib fresh that day. And, I was able to clean the house and keep it that way thanks to the girls going to day care on Christmas Eve. That meant all I had to worry about besides cooking on Christmas day was getting ready and picking up after morning presents. 

We were all so tired from the night before that we all slept in. We had assumed the girls would still get up by 7 AM so we told my parents to be at our house for gifts around 8 AM. Oops - they actually woke us up and the girls still slept another 1/2 hour of so after they arrived. 

London's big gift this year was a bicycle with training wheels, while Santa spruced up her old tricycle for Sydney. He placed the bikes inside with their stockings leaning up against them. London focused in on the stocking when she came out that she failed to see the bike, at first. Sydney focused in on the trike a little more quickly. 

Both girls now love to go ride their bikes when we are around on the weekend. We've found the best place for them to ride is the dog pen slab of concrete as they can go round and round all they want. 

And London's elf, Snowie, was kind enough to leave some flour on the floor just in front of the fireplace, which allows Santa's footprints to be captured. The girls were very excited to see the evidence. 

Other fun gifts that the girls have enjoyed a Doc McStuffin's check-up bag, Doc McStuffin's Lab Coat and striped shirt, Sofia the First Dress up jewelry and some personalized dinosaur pillow pets. My favorite gift was the Octopus my mom painted for the girls' bathroom. It's absolutely amazing: 

All in all, it was a great holiday shared with family and friends. At the same time, by the time New Year's rolled around, I was ready to take the decorations down and get on with 2015. Now I can't believe that it's already the middle of February!

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