Feb 26, 2015

Cameron's Kilcher Moment

Cameron and I are big fans of certain types of reality TV. I'll admit to watching a few of the Real Housewives' series, but when it comes to the two of us, we tend to watch the Alaska and Homesteading type. One of our favorite shows is Alaska: The Last Frontier, that follows the Kilcher family on their homestead. 

And one of the main Kilchers, Otto, has this ability to take an item for one purpose and re-purpose it for another. One time he took an old trailer bed (I think) and turned it into a feeder for his cattle so that he and his wife, Charlotte, wouldn't get stuck in the mud and possibly trampled by the cattle at the sight of hay in the colder temperatures. 

Which brings me to what Cameron has titled his "Kilcher" moment. He'd gone out to disc the field in front of our house. But first he had to add gas to the tractor. Sometime between refueling and halfway through the discing the gas cap fell off and diesel was spilling out of the tank. 

The girls and I went outside to help Cameron comb through the field, retracing the tractor's movements from fill up to discovery and back again, but with no luck in finding the cap. Cameron then went to several stores to try and find one that could replace it. No luck. He really wanted to complete the discing of this field before the end of the weekend but he couldn't do it with diesel spilling out. 

That's when he spied an empty Diet Pepsi can near the tractor, in the tractor shed. Any one who knows us, knows we always have empty Diet Pepsi cans lying around, even in strange places like the tractor shed. With the help from some scissors, Cameron quickly cut the can in half and it fit perfectly over the opening on the gas tank. A little pinching in at the bottom, and it was on there nice and snug. New cap created. And Cameron has been able to successfully use the tractor several times since this "Kilcher" moment without spilling any fuel!

We still haven't found the original, even though we have been out there a ton working on other projects. I imagine us finding it several years from now, when that tractor has been replaced for a newer model. 

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