Feb 24, 2015

A Presidents Day Visit to the Zoo

I always get Presidents Day off. This a good thing since the girls' daycare is also closed this holiday. The thing is, Cameron doesn't get the day off. Which means the girls and I are home when he is potentially home trying to get work done when he's not out visiting customers.

Luckily, Cameron had some appointments set up for early that morning, which meant that the girls and I could sleep in a little then wake up in front of an episode of Mickey Mouse. Sydney is currently obsessed with watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse these days. It's all she asks for - she even walks around singing the magic words to get the Clubhouse to appear. Reality-wise, she's just happy when she gets to watch any TV, as we do limit TV quite a bit on weekdays and weekends. 

And that holiday weekend we were experiencing some amazing weather. We're talking spring-like conditions. No fog insight. I even broke out my capris and a tank top. I didn't want to waste the day inside cleaning with such nice weather. Then I heard that Lynde had to take the day off to watch McKenzie as her daycare was also closed for the holiday. After a few texts, we'd arranged to meet at the Sacramento Zoo for a morning outing. 

And we were not disappointed. The weather again was amazing. High-60s to Low-70s temperatures with very little breeze. We wandered the zoo for over 2 hours since Lynde and McKenzie had never been there. And we got to see the 3 lion cubs hanging out with Mom and Dad in their pen. Too cute. 

We also took a ride on the zoo train and carousel. McKenzie was not a huge fan of the carousel, but she loved the train. My girls love both equally. And while we were on the carousel, Let it Go was playing so both of my girls were singing along. 

After the zoo, we headed home for a quick lunch and naptime. Sydney slept until 3 PM! Apparently we'd worn her out at the zoo. This probably has something to do with the fact that I didn't bring the stroller along and made her walk the whole time. 

After naptime, we took advantage of the last hours of daylight playing outside. The girls rode their bikes and played on our new-to-us swingset. Our friends, the McGraths, are moving which has resulted in them purging their current house of items they no longer need or want. When Kim asked if we wanted it, I pounced. Swingsets can be expensive, especially when you look at how many years of actual use they get. London loves it and is always asking to go play on it. Unfortunately for her, this past weekend the weather wasn't quite as nice - Saturday was foggy, wet and cold and Sunday was cold and windy. We're going to box the swingset in and fill in the dirt inside that box with gravel to prevent as many weeds as we can from coming up under it. Poor Sydney was swinging into the weeds on President's Day. 

And while the girls played, I was able to sand down London's desk chair. We purchased it at the flea market and I had done an initial coat of paint on it, but then left it outside, overnight, to dry when we had some fog, which resulted in some crackling of the paint here and there. I gave the chair a good sanding-down and over the last week, finished up the painting of it (this time making sure to bring it in at night to avoid more crackling.) All that is left is covering the actual seat with new cushion and fabric. I hope to accomplish that this week.

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