Feb 19, 2015

A English Cottage Garden in the Works...

While we are still working diligently on our chicken coop, we did get a bit side tracked. When Cameron was purchasing and planting our orchard, included in the bare root trees he purchased, was a pomegranate. We find pomegranate trees quite pleasing to the eye and they don't necessarily look like a tree that would fit in a normal orchard, so we opted to it in our front yard. Only problem? We had another tree to remove and dirt to bring in to get the front yard in shape before we could plant the tree. 

My vision for the front yard is an English Cottage Garden. Lots of different plants, roses, flowers, etc. and allows these plants to over-grow somewhat. Plus, I want to build a path from the lower part of our driveway where most of our guests park to the front porch - that way they don't have to walk all the way around the garden to get to the front door. 

I was happy just to see the tree that needed to be cut down, gone. Cameron had some dirt brought in and he used the tractor to mold a couple of mounds so the front won't be so flat. It already makes a huge difference. Cameron then cut in the pathway and he surprised me one evening when we were walking around the local nursery and told me I could pick out 5 bare root roses. And the next night at Walmart, we picked up 2 more. Now the pomegranate and roses are all in the ground and we've purchased the big stones for the path way. 

Hopefully soon the weed barrier will be down on the path as well as the pathway stones and the smaller stones we plan to put over the rest of the pathway. We plan to put the arch we got married under halfway up the pathway and eventually, we'll grow climbing roses on it. But first we need to get it painted white. It's so dry it's just soaking up all the paint. 

We plan to put some small rocks around the edge of the of the area and fill in the rest of the dirt with bark. Over time, we'll fill in the rest of the area with more plants. We are also on the look out for a large rock to display in this garden. Once we find that, we will be able to lay to rest Cameron's deceased bearded dragon Spaz, who we lost soon after we moved into the house. We've had him in the back of our freezer ever since. 

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  1. oh wow.. look forward to see how it all comes out