Jan 29, 2015

Christmas Eve

This post is way past due, but I'm mainly posting it for the memories.

 We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2014. Christmas Eve morning I got to sleep in while Cameron took the girls into daycare - yes, they were open until 3 PM that day! And for that I am very grateful. Cameron actually had to work that day which included visiting a customer. 

I had the day off and used the time at home to get ready for the next day - everything from getting presents wrapped and cleaning the house, as well as packing for the evening. We were heading up to Chico for our annual Christmas Eve celebration with our family friends, the Moffetts and my parents. 

We picked the girls up from daycare and headed upstate. We stopped in Marysville to drop off some present to other family friends, the Nagles, but unlike most visits, this visit was kept short due to the flu ravaging their home. 

This gave us a little more time at our next stop, Vicki's, where we dropped off gifts and changed the girls into their Christmas dresses. Then we made it to our last stop - the Moffetts.  I'm sure I've said this in the past, but my parents and I have spent almost every Christmas Eve with them at their house for the past 33 years. It will be completely sad when this tradition comes to an end, which I know it will, some day. They are family to me and while we don't get to see them as often as we once did, it's nice to have Christmas Eve to count on. 

It's also been fun to go from being kids to having kids with them on Christmas Eve. The kids are at those ages where they play and have fun together. I know they are making similar memories to what Emily, Nate and I have from our childhood together. 

My dad played Santa again this year. Growing up, Santa would visit every year, and at some point, Emily, Nate and I realized that Santa wasn't really "the Santa" so we set to figure out who the imposter was each year. One year we made a list of all the men in the house and tried to figure out who was missing when "Santa" arrived. Another year we looked at their shoes to try and match "Santa" to the shoes. It got to the point that Bonnie was actually hiring a college student to play Santa and as we've been told, one year this Santa had been hitting the eggnog a bit before his arrival. 

I think this was my dad's 3rd year playing Santa for our kids. And at 4 1/2 years old London figured it out that "Santa" was Grandpa! We were so shocked. We know we were a bit older before we were making lists and looking at shoes.

And as usual, we left later than we had planned - because, as usual, we were having too much fun. Here are some pictures from the evening:  

Photo bomb!
The Newest Addition to the family: Leora!
Apparently, Emily and I were in the same mindset that night

Here comes Grandpa Santa

Sydney didn't figure out who Santa was - this is as close as we could get her to Grandpa

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  1. great pictures.. looks like some great memories.