Dec 3, 2014

The Painted Cork

I'll admit I did get into the Christmas spirit a little early this year. Usually I am strict about honoring Turkey day, but about 10 days before Thanksgiving, I broke that rule, for about an hour or two, while my girlfriend, Lynde, and I had a girls night out. We went to one of my favorite places, The Painted Cork, where we enjoyed some wine and wine-appropriate snacks while we followed instructions to make a Christmas Cottage painting over the course of 4 hours. 

It was one of the longer classes I have participated in and we actually stayed an extra 1/2 hour to finish up our paintings as it was one that allowed for a lot of improvisations and creativity. While I wasn't too thrilled with my final version that night, the next morning I was much more satisfied with it. And we only listened to Christmas music for the first half of the class, then the instructor took executive action to change the music we listened to - I got the distinct impression she's not a fan of Christmas music. 

I adhered to my no-Christmas music before Thanksgiving the rest of the way - all the way until Black Friday. 

And as promised, we did head out on Black Friday to get a Christmas tree, which is almost decorated. Still working on the rest of the house as well. We did stop in at Walmart for some random cleaning items, after noon on Black Friday. It was quiet by then and we still scored on some good deals. We purchased small-room electric space heaters with thermostats for the girls' rooms for only $39 each!

That night I headed back out for another session at the Painted Cork with Lynde again. This time our girlfriends Christina, Alyssa, Torie and Amy joined up as well as a few other friends of Torie's. This time we painted a Santa silhouette against a big, full moon. I loved how this one turned out! I placed it on the wall next to our TV so I can look at it all season long for long periods of time - we have Christmas movies going almost non-stop right now when we are home. 

I especially liked my clouds

We also scouted out the painted we will be on the look out to do next year - we're thinking this will be becoming a nice little Christmas tradition for us ladies all while we get to add our creations to our decorations each year. 

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