Dec 23, 2014

Global Winter Wonderland

Let the fun begin!

My parents arrived into town on Friday evening. The girls are so excited to have their grandparents here for the Christmas festivities. And we started the fun Saturday night by honoring my dad's ancestors and celebrating Chanukah. I made my first ever Kugel, which turned out pretty good and was amazingly quick and easy, while my mom went to task making Latkes! They were, of course, delicious. And while I helped the girls light the candles, my dad was kind enough to say the blessing. While we're not religious in our house, I do want the girls to be exposed to the history of our family, and from my dad's side, this is part of it. I grew up celebrating both Chanukah and Christmas. And one thing I love about Chanukah is the food. 

The fun continued Sunday, when Vicki joined us and we all headed out to Sacramento's Fair grounds, known as Cal Expo to take in the lights and sights of Global Winter Wonderland. It was quite amazing. The set up covers 17 acres, uses 100 tons of steel, more than 2 millions LED lights and 200,000 feet of silk to create global iconic structures, such as the Tower Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Kremlin, Chichen Itza, the Golden Gate bridge and the White House.This display was started in 2011 and only visits 1 city a year. I'm so glad Sacramento was selected!

It took us about 2 hours to make our way around to see all the displays. I was quite struck by the use of everyday materials to add depth to the pieces, such as this tree that used parisols and empty plastic water bottles for the tree leaves: 

Or the KingTut statue that was made up of tiny glass bottles full of colored water:

And the dragons' scales were made CDs!: 

We also made sure to take pictures of the girls in front of icons from "their" cities. 

London in front of London's Tower Bridge: 

And Sydney in front of the Sydney Opera House: 

There was also a Dinosaur Maze. Sydney wasn't too sure about the Stegosaurus, but she eventually warmed up to him. 

I also learned something - each set up had a sign explaining what it was of. I learned from reading the sign of London's Parliament building, the one that houses Big Ben within the Elizabeth Tower, that the building is actually called the Palace of Westminster.  

Here are some more photos of this display.

This was Sydney's favorite display

This was our favorite tree - it was more blue in person.


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