Dec 17, 2014

A Great On Hold Recording

We've been busy getting ready for the holidays. That's why I have been so MIA. But I do have a funny story to tell you. Last week we were running errands over the course of 2 evenings. On the second night, while at Walgreen's to purchase our Christmas cards my credit card was declined. This has happened a few times due to the fraud protection program. The company flags the card and puts a hold on it when there is unusual activity on. 

While I finished making the purchase with another credit card, Cameron was out in the car waiting for me - and received a call from an unknown 800 number. It was the credit card company calling to check up on our activity and follow up on the suspected fraud. The problem was, Cameron didn't yet know the card had been declined and when he answered, there was no answer. The system is actually automated so he hung up before it recognized the call had been picked up. 

I mentioned to Cameron the card being declined as we drove to the girls daycare to pick them up. While in the middle of pick up, my phone rang. And the automated system got through to me. But I had issues with my phone and the system recognizing my selections while I tried to approve all the transactions. The good news is that there was no fraud. But using the automated system with my phone acting up made it difficult to clear the issue up. We were able to get it to recognize that we wanted to speak to an actual person but just sat on hold. 

Half way home, we hung up and dialed the number on the back of our card. We immediately got a hold of a representative who then said she would transfer us to an actual person in the fraud department. And we sat on hold, again, for quite a while. But this time we were fine with sitting on hold. The messages being played were hilarious! We actually commented on them when we did finally get through to the fraud specialist and cleared up the card hold. 

Here's just some of what we learned: 

The harmonica is the number one purchased instrument

The Beach Boys was originally named Carl & The Passions

It is important to end an interview for employment with the proper follow up questions such as when the company plans to have the position filled and to close with a firm handshake, just as you would start it. 

Something about work physics and being able to pass it along. 

It's important to purchase items made of recycled products

I know there was more, but this is all I can remember right now. As mentioned, we were on hold for a while. But we were cracking up so it was worth the wait!

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