Nov 4, 2014

Sydney's 2nd Birthday Party

While Disneyland was meant to be the big celebration for Sydney's 2nd Birthday (and it was), we couldn't let the day pass without a little celebration at home. So we decided to host a party the day after. Plus, I wanted to put my new cake decorating skills to the test. Friday night we got the girls to help us pick up the house.

And I stayed up until 11 PM Friday night putting the finishing touches on Sydney's cake. It was chocolate with raspberry filling. Decorating definitely would have gone much more quickly had I had more than 1 of each sized tip that I used. And I knew this would be an issue going into making the cake, but I chose to invest in a sheet cake pan with cover, clear piping gel to trace the design and transfer it to the cake as well as get the letters to make the writing on the cake versus getting more tips. Maybe Santa will bring me some more tips in my stocking this year.

Sydney loved the cake and being sung Happy Birthday to, though she didn't actually eat much of her cake. She surprisingly doesn't have a large sweet tooth so while she will act interested in sweets, mainly because her sister is (London does have a sweet tooth), once Sydney gets a taste of whatever the treat is, she moves on. Chocolate has been the exception in the past and she did eat more than I expected of her cake, but she wasn't like most of the kids who finished their pieces, and wanted more. Sydney also isn't a huge fan of meat. Basically, between her and London, they can finish 1 meal together - Sydney will eat the veggies and fruit, while London will take care of the meat and dessert!

Sydney didn't quite grasp the whole "blow out the candle" concept so friend Paige and myself helped her out.

Sydney, did however discover the joy of opening presents. Once she figured out the first one, she was all about all the others and was not satisfied until all the presents were not only out of their wrapping but also all the toys outside of their manufacturer packaging. Outside putting food away, we didn't do any clean up that night. Cameron found the tornado that was our house the next morning comical, so he took some pictures to document the destruction that results after parties with kids. I just hope every one had fun. And it only took me an hour or two to pick this mess up. We really did have a lazy Sunday afterward.

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