Nov 20, 2014

A Trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

OK, one last look back to October (I know, I know, November is almost over)....

No October in our house is complete without a trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland, CA. It's an annual tradition we have been doing since we found out we were expecting London. Usually we go on a weekend and meet up with friends, but with our trip to Disneyland and Cameron's trip to Canada for a waterfowl hunting trip, plus Sydney's birthday celebrations, we just didn't have a weekend we could go. So this year we went on a Tuesday evening and...



We may never go on a weekend again! It does help we are a lot closer to Wheatland now  so we can actually go on a weekday and have some time to spend there. While there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, the place was not packed full of people as it is on a weekend day. We could actually walk around inside the Cider Mill and didn't have to force the girls to hold our hands. Plus, we were able to go on the train (how could we not given Sydney's obsession with them?) without waiting in line, which made it a first for us. Plus, weekdays, there is no $10 parking fee! Only drawback is that there are no pig races on weekdays. Then again, the routine was the same, year after year, so I think we can forgo that for a while.

We didn't even feel the need to bring the stroller and allowed Sydney to walk around with us. It's hard to believe, but a year ago when we visited, Sydney wasn't even walking.

Given we live in the country now, and the fact that we don't get Trick-or-treaters (we actually have to make the effort and go somewhere to go trick-or-treating ourselves) some would think we don't need pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins, don't get me wrong, but now we get pumpkins for our fall decor instead.

This year we only got two pumpkins, a giant orange pumpkin and a giant white pumpkin. I'd never seen the giant white variety before, and I have a small obsession with white pumpkins in general, to be honest.  

Going to the pumpkin patch also finally got me in the mood to decorate the house and front porch for Fall. Took me a few days, but by the time guests began to arrive for Sydney's birthday party, it was done. Here's our front porch set up: 

We already had the dried corn stalks, thanks to our garden this year, as well as all the tiny gourds between the two pumpkins. The smaller pumpkins came from the girls' school. Each year they bring in a farmer with pumpkins and animals to pet.

What also helped me get into the Fall Spirit was the fact that the weather is finally feels like Fall. It's hard to decorate for Fall when it's still in the mid-90s! We've even had a few rainy days, which is a huge blessing for California. We'll welcome any and all rain that comes our way. Even the red wine in our house is finally getting my attention - for some reason I can't drink it when its hot.

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